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All you need to know about Sortlist +
All you need to know about Sortlist +
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Sortlist for providers: How does it work?How we attract and qualify business opportunities for your company
How to export your visibility performances reporting?
Can I register to Sortlist? (Listing conditions)
What are the price plans for Sortlist?
Sortlist+: What is it?About Sortlist+ the Sortlist membership programme that gives access to exclusive benefits, opportunity generation and visibility gains
Welcome to Sortlist+: enjoy the latest innovations.With Sortlist+ you will fully experience the benefits of flexibility, and control and take advantage of all that Sortlist has to offer.
Sortlist+ Opportunity ModuleAbout the Sortlist module that sends you relevant business opportunities directly to your dashboard.
Getting Started with Sortlist's Visibility Campaign feature!New Visibility Campaign: have full control over your paid visibility on Sortlist to attract the right clients and maximize your investment.
Sortlist+ Visibility ModuleAll about the Sortlist module that makes your agency more visible in directories and search results.
How does the matching algorithm work ?Discover how you can maximize your chances of receiving more qualitative opportunities.
What type of clients use Sortlist to find an agency?These are the clients you could meet through Sortlist.
Does the client pay for your service?Clients using Sortlist to find a provider do not pay for the service we provide them with.
Why we don’t delete reviews of providers from Sortlist
Intelligence module explainedYou would like to activate the intelligence module? Learn more on what it includes and how to activate it!
Sortlist's Dynamic RankingAll you need to know about what influences your position in our directories.