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Why we don’t delete reviews of providers from Sortlist
Why we don’t delete reviews of providers from Sortlist
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Trust is the oil of platforms. 

Sortlist empowers companies to better buy from contractors with minimal efforts

We at Sortlist work hard to make sure that legitimate reviews allow companies to choose the right partner, faster, and with confidence.
Each review tells a story about a collaboration from the client's point of view, which is useful for consumers and providers alike.

Clients decide what provider they review

Clients decide to review providers on Sortlist - it's not up to us. We simply host the content.

We don’t remove provider profiles or reviews

We bring Transparency to an opaque market. We believe that more info leads to better decisions and hence don't remove provider profiles and reviews.

Unless reviews breach the law or are fake and/or spammy, we aim to preserve clients' freedom of speech. If one of your review is illegal you can fill this form to help us take appropriate action.

Online reviews build trust and credibility

We understand that some providers have concerns about being reviewed online. But we also think this creates significant opportunities for businesses to engage with and learn from their clients. This includes building trust and credibility.

The internet has made it easier than ever before for people to share their experiences and feedback. Companies can now choose to what extent they want to take part in these online conversations. Trustpilot is one of many options available for gathering and using constructive business-consumer dialogue.

Embrace reviews as sales assets

Social proof and testimonials are key part of your narrative towards prospects. Leverage the tools we provide to attract and convert better.

🆕 Engage with the good, engage with the bad

We now offer providers a right to reply to each and every review. This is a great way to engage with happy clients and to provide perspective for less enthusiastic comments.

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