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About the Sortlist module that sends you relevant business opportunities directly to your dashboard.

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The Sortlist+ Opportunity Module directly serves you with qualified opportunities relevant to your business. If you’re interested, you can choose to apply. If you’re not, you can decline.

With this module, you pay in proportion to the opportunities that you apply to. These opportunities appear directly in your dashboard, where you can see their details, budget, brief, and choose to apply (at a fixed price) or decline (at no cost).

If you apply for an opportunity, the contact details of that business owner are unlocked.

From there, you can message, set up a video call, pitch your services and win the business, in many cases without even leaving the platform.

How do opportunities get to me?

Every day on Sortlist, we get thousands of briefings from all around the world. These are not briefings targeted to one specific service provider, but rather a briefing from a business owner asking for our help finding that perfect service provider.

Using A.I., human verification, and the information you provide us on your expertise, prospecting area, and ideal project characteristics, Sortlist chooses the most relevant agencies to help that business owner.

And based on that relevance these opportunities appear in your dashboard for your consideration.

How can I decide if the opportunity is right for me?

By reading the briefing details in your dashboard, you get all the information regarding project expertise, budget, and briefing so you can decide if the opportunity is a fit for you.

The price of this opportunity is automatically blocked from your monthly budget until you take action on the opportunity (i.e apply or decline).

From this point you can do just that: apply or decline within 5 days to spend, or free up the funds from your monthly budget.

You are not limited in the number of services, languages, or prospect areas you can activate. However, to avoid irrelevant projects, you should of course make sure it’s relevant to you and adapted to your objectives.

How is the cost per opportunity calculated?

The cost per opportunity (CPO) varies from one opportunity to another. It is computed based on several factors such as the client’s budget, the reputation of the company & its size, the verification done by Sortlist, and more.

How does payment work?

You can see the price of each opportunity before you apply to it.

You will stay in control of your total spending by defining a maximum monthly budget based on your objectives and capacity to take on new business. You will never be invoiced more than that.

You can always decide to increase or decrease your maximum monthly budget from one month to another.

​Declining an opportunity is, of course, free.


As with the visibility module, invoices are automatically sent at the end of each month based on your exact consumption.

So if you added €1000 to your Opportunity Module, but only applied to opportunities amounting to €500 in value, you will be invoiced for €500 and €500 will remain in your account to spend on opportunities going forwards.

Refund policy

You have the option to request a credit refund for a business opportunity under certain conditions. Before you request a refund, make sure to read through Sortlist's Opportunity Refund Policy to learn all the details.

Qualifying situations for a refund include not being able to get in touch with the prospect after 7 days of trying through multiple channels, the prospect having a fake identity, or purchasing the same opportunity twice.

Check out Sortlist's opportunity refund policy to discover the conditions under which a Sortlist's opportunity might be eligible for a refund.

Sortlist's advice when applying

When you apply to an opportunity, you're making an investment in the chance to pitch your services.

That investment is not returned if the business owner decides to go with a different agency, or doesn't find an agency that matches their needs, so doesn't hire at all.

To make the most of your budget, think carefully about whether the opportunity matches your expertise, and take a good look at the briefing before reaching out.

To request a refund, contact your account manager or send an email to


To sum up, we've gathered all the important information regarding the Opportunity Module in the following video:

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