Sortlist+: What is it?

About Sortlist+ the Sortlist membership programme that gives access to exclusive benefits, opportunity generation and visibility gains

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Sortlist+ subscription

Sortlist+ is Sortlist’s membership program, designed to generate your new business so that you can focus on your clients.

This is how you can start meeting the brands that are comparing and hiring service providers like yours on Sortlist.

Being a member of Sortlist+ costs 99€/month billed yearly or 149€/month billed monthly.

This subscription allows you to be part of our community of certified members and access all features of the platform, including:

  • A badge on your profile

  • Backlink

  • Advanced reporting

  • Analytics

  • Access to market insights

  • Exclusive deals

  • Access to our community of members

It is paid upfront and is recurring (based on an agreed-upon timeframe).

Inside Sortlist+, you will find its two modules designed to generate new business for you as a service provider:

Behind the two Sortlist+ modules: Visibility and Opportunity.

Only available to Sortlist+ members, these are the modules that impact the bottom line, working in two complementary ways:

  • Sortlist+ Visibility Module advertises your profile on our directories and search, leaving the potential client free to explore, get in touch, and contract your services.

  • Sortlist+ Opportunity Module directly serves you with opportunities relevant to your business. If you’re interested, you can choose to apply. If you’re not, you can decline.

Both are “value-based” - which means that you pay per click (in the case of the Visibility Module) or per opportunity (in the case of the Opportunity Module).+

The cost of each click or opportunity always changes proportionally to its value. So you only pay for what you get, and you always pay a fair price.

You can find more information on how each module works, and how we compute the price here:

Want to learn more? Watch our video tutorial.

Discover in this video tutorial all the changes and improvements that will take your experience with Sortlist to the next level!

Questions? Get in touch about Sortlist+

If you have any questions about Sortlist+ click below and the team would be happy to answer them.

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