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What type of clients use Sortlist to find an agency?
What type of clients use Sortlist to find an agency?

These are the clients you could meet through Sortlist.

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Sortlist has a very large scope of clients:

  • Start-ups,

  • SMEs,

  • Corporations,

  • Public companies,

  • Governments,

  • Associations,

  • Etc.

However, the average company size of a client using Sortlist to find an agency is a small-to-medium enterprise.

Types and industries

Furthermore, we have a good balance between B2B and B2C clients, with a great variety of industries in which those clients are active:

  • FMCG,

  • Retail,

  • Banking,

  • Finance,

  • Pharmaceutics,

  • Human ressources,

  • Luxury goods,

  • Education,

  • Energy,

  • And much more.

To give you an idea about some of the big names who found an agency through Sortlist, here are a couple of examples:

  • Audi,

  • Red Bull,

  • Unilever,

  • LVMH,

  • New Balance,

  • Bridgestone,

  • Kinepolis,

  • Aliaxis,

  • Greenpeace,

  • Decathlon,

  • Yamaha,

  • Etc.

💡 Important tip: usually, these big names find their agency on Sortlist by directly searching and comparing agencies on relevant directories, rather than by filling a briefing.

What does this mean? It means that if you want to maximize your chances of working with a big name, we highly recommend investing on the Visibility Module, to make your agency appear on directories matching your expertises.

Watch this video to learn more:

The kinds of collaborations you can expect

Usually, clients come on Sortlist to find an agency for two kinds of collaborations.

Project-based collaborations

In this case, the client is looking for a partner in order to reach a specific goal, with a specific deliverable:

  • A new logo,

  • A new website,

  • An advertising campaign,

  • Etc.

Long-term collaborations

In this case, the client is looking for a partner to work with on recurring tasks and has a monthly / yearly budget to invest.

For example:

  • An SEO agency to boost its website traffic,

  • A social media agency to animate its socials,

  • A content marketing agency to publish weekly content,

  • Etc.

This means that the types of budgets we see on Sortlist can go from 1.000€ to above 1M€.

Of course, the budgets differ from project to project and from client to client. However, on average, the budget size we receive is approximately 35.000€.

A couple of examples

Still hesitating to use Sortlist to grow your agency?

Here are a couple of clients that used Sortlist to find their agency: contacted us to find a long-term partner to completely rebrand their company. The allocated budget was 700.000€ and we successfully connected this client to one of our branding partners.


Zespri reached out to us to find an all-round advertising agency, with a budget of 300.000€, and we connected them to one of our top-ranked advertising agencies.

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