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All you need to know about what influences your position in our directories.

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To ensure relevant results that allow you get the most out of your visibility, we have worked on a new dynamic ranking on our directories.

What is a dynamic ranking?

A dynamic ranking means that the order of the agencies that are shown in a directory will constantly evolve based on the score an agency has in that particular moment. At Sortlist, to come up with each ranking and order the agencies that are present, our algorithm combines different criteria.

At Sortlist, we have thousands of directories. Each of them target different expertises and locations. Our goal is to make sure we come up with the best recommendation of agencies based on the clients’ search, so that we maximise the possibilities of building new great business stories.

What influences the ranking?

The ranking follows a logic based on scores. Our algorithm looks into different aspects of each agency that will get a partial score. The sum of all these scores will result on the overall score of each agency.

Below you will learn in detail which are the aspects that are considered and all that is taken into account into each of them.

These are the three main areas that influence the ranking:

  1. RELEVANCE: The relevance and information of an agency.

  2. BEHAVIOUR: The agency's behaviour on the platform

  3. ROI: The budget allocated on the visibility module

Let’s take a look in detail to all the criteria taken into account for each topic.

The relevance and information of your agency


To make sure that an agency will be able to fulfil the client’s requirements, we look into its office’s locations, prospect areas and services.

Depending on your membership, having a validated office in the city/region/country will be necessary to appear on a directory dedicated to that location.


Regarding the services, its no only important to have an active service that matches the directory one, but also the number of reviews and works related to that service are computed in the score.

The order in which you set your services on your profile, will also have an impact on the ranking. The higher it is, the better score you will get. Make sure to move to the top of the list the services for which you want to rank better.

Your behaviour on the platform

Claimed profile

A claimed agency (meaning, an agency who has a valid manager), will be prioritised among those we are not.

Visibility module

Also will be those who have an active visibility module, as these are the one actively investing in conquering the first positions of the directories.


The ranking also takes into consideration the activity of the agency on the platform. Agencies that come frequently to the platform, to their profile, interact with their opportunities, etc, will get a higher scores than those who are not that active.

The budget allocated on the visibility module

At Sortlist, we want to make sure we deliver the value you expect from us. This is why we focus on maximising the value of your investment.

Monthly budget and consumption

Depending on your monthly budget and its consumption, your positions on the ranking will vary during the month. The clicks on your profile consume your visibility budget. Reaching you budget limit will result in a lower ranking for the rest of the month.

Important: You can always increase your budget by getting in touch with your account manager.

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