The project owner simply tells us what he needs once. We then send those requests out to handpicked and trusted agencies that match its company size, budget and that might have relevant experience in its sector.

It is a bit similar to other platforms such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, clients do not pay to use these platforms. If we would charge our clients, this would drastically reduce the number of projects posted and thus also the number of validated opportunities sent to our agencies. This would neither be interesting to our clients nor for the agencies, as making this a paid service would directly mean less business for the agencies.

Agencies, however, pay in order to get new business with the generation of inbound warm opportunities. Each incoming project is treated by a dedicated team of Account Managers and is systematically screened and qualified, thanks to an automated and human qualification process.

As you may understand there is quite some work involved, from attracting the client, screening the project, challenge the project, to writing the briefing and to manually selecting relevant agencies. The fees that are paid by the agencies to accept the project cover these internal costs.

Clients are being sensitized by our team of Account Managers. They are made aware of the fact that agencies spend money, time and effort in order to get in touch with them. We are very transparent about our way of working and the client is informed about our business model and agrees to it before we send out the project.

There is no contract black on white, but they do agree to respect our terms and conditions and way of working. The goal is simple: get in touch with each agency that is shortlisted, listen to what they suggest for the project, compare their offers and then decide the best agency. Our team of Account Managers is thoroughly trained to handle this with care, and our clients agree to respect our deontology before going forward.

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