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Discover our next product changes, built to improve prospects’ responsiveness
Discover our next product changes, built to improve prospects’ responsiveness
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Our mission is to build great business stories, between clients and providers like you.

Every single feature of Sortlist is developed in order to help you meet prospects you are interested in. But reaching this goal is never finished and things can always be improved.

This is why we are bringing a series of product changes in the coming weeks and months.

These changes will have a specific goal: improving prospects’ responsiveness when you apply to their projects.

Why are we making these changes?

Getting to meet a prospect can be challenging:

  • You spend time applying and writing an introduction message, but the prospect doesn’t take the time to answer.

  • You schedule an appointment, but the prospect doesn’t show up, or is late, or cancels.

  • You drive the interaction, but you feel the prospect can disappear at any point, and you’re unsure about their willingness to discuss the project.

  • Etc.

Resolving these issues are the reason why we are planning these next product changes. And the good news is that we’ve already started. Since February 2024, we’ve seen good progress in prospects’ responsiveness, as we’ve doubled the amount of prospects answering to providers’ applications.

However, we feel it’s still not enough, and we want to make this topic our number one priority.

Hence, why we are doubling down on our efforts, and planning a series of product improvements.

What exactly are these changes?

After considering multiple options, we’ve decided to implement 5 changes to help you meet prospects more easily.

Reminders for pending applications to review

Prospects will start getting reminders for every application they’ve received but haven’t reviewed yet. This will prompt them to review and consider each application they receive for their project, hence improving their responsiveness and increasing your chances of working with them.

Only create meetings when the interest is confirmed

Before allowing a meeting to be scheduled, prospects will have to confirm their interest in actually meeting with a provider. This change should reduce ghosting and prospects not showing up, as they will have to confirm they want to meet you before the meeting is planned.

Onboarding calls of new prospects with our advisors

To increase prospects’ engagement, our advisors will now organize onboarding calls, to present them how the platform works and walk them through the process they need to follow in order to find the perfect provider for their project.

Ease the rescheduling of a meeting when initial slots no longer fit

Of course, the unexpected can happen and prospects may need to reschedule a meeting in particular circumstances. Hence, why we want to allow them to easily reschedule a meeting if the initial slot is not working for them anymore.

Creation of new meetings in the app

Finally, new meetings will be directly created within the app to centralize all your communications and ease the start of your collaboration with new clients.

What can you expect from these changes?

These changes will be implemented progressively over the next few weeks, and we expect them to have multiple impacts on your Sortlist experience.

First, you should see an evolution in the amount of answers you’ll receive on your applications. Prospects should be more reactive, increasing the quantity of answers you’ll get.

Secondly, as prospects will have to confirm their interest in meeting you, their participation should increase and ghosting should decrease.

Finally, if you still cannot engage or get an answer from a prospect despite these product changes, you’ll get a faster access to opportunity refund (if you’re eligible, depending on our refund policy).

Questions you may have

Why can't I access the prospect's email address anymore?

With the Inbox feature available to both parties, users can directly interact without sharing personal details. Notifications and reminders help ensure no answers are missed.

Why can't I access the prospect’s contact details after I’ve purchased the opportunity?

Once the prospect has accepted your application and meeting proposal, you’ll get access to the necessary contact details.

I selected a time slot but didn't receive a meeting invitation. Is this normal?

Yes, meeting invitations are sent only after the application is accepted by the prospect to avoid cluttering your schedule with uncertain events.

I sent an application but received no response. What should I do?

You must wait for prospects to confirm interest before interacting. After 72 hours with no response, you'll receive the prospect's direct contact details to confirm interest. If prospects remain unresponsive, you're eligible for a refund.

I waste time joining meetings that prospects don't attend. How will you address this?

Our product and advising experts are prioritizing ensuring prospect commitment to meetings. From setting clear expectations to facilitating rescheduling, addressing this is our top priority.

Wrap up

As mentioned, expect these changes to start appearing over the next few weeks. Our team remains committed to helping you meet relevant prospects to help you grow your business. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us via the chat below.

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