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Getting Started with Sortlist's Visibility Campaign feature!
Getting Started with Sortlist's Visibility Campaign feature!

New Visibility Campaign: have full control over your paid visibility on Sortlist to attract the right clients and maximize your investment.

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Introducing Visibility Campaign Feature: Take Control of Your Paid visibility

At Sortlist, we understand the importance of having full control in how service providers like you connect to potential clients. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our new Visibility Campaign feature, designed to give you the control you need to succeed.

Putting the Power in Your Hands

With the Visibility Campaign feature, you will have the ability to shape your paid presence according to your agency's goals and priorities. Our new advanced settings will provide you with the ability to optimise your visibility on Sortlist, and effectively connect with your ideal clients.

You will be able to easily control your paid presence by activating the most relevant services, choosing your preferred locations and focusing on languages that matter to you. You define the budget you’re ready to invest and we make sure to target the right clients for you!

Accessible in One Spot

You will have in just one place all you need to make the most out of your investment to rank in our directories. On your new section Visibility on your main menu, you’ll be able to access the new Campaign section and your Visibility Reporting page.

Step-by-Step Guide on the Visibility Campaign feature:

  1. Access to your new Campaign section: Start by navigating to the "Visibility" section and click on "Campaign." Here, you'll find an overview of your campaign performance, including key metrics and the directories where your agency is currently boosted - if any.

  2. Advanced Settings: In the advanced settings, you'll see a list of your active and inactive services and skills, prospect areas and locations Also, you will get an overview of the number of directories on which the campaign will be running with your current budget.

  3. Edit your services: Start with reviewing carefully your services and skills, activate or deactivate the ones that best align with your agency's interests and target market. Selecting the right services and skills improves the relevance of your agency's listing in the directories.

    You can deactivate a full service with its skills by turning it off (you will be able to turn it on again at any moment). When you click on a service, you’ll see all the skills related to it. The ones in blue are active. To deactivate any skill, just click on it and it will turn gray. You can activate them again anytime.

    If you want to add a new skill, you can do so from your profile settings, in the services section.

  4. Customise Prospect Areas and Languages: Tailor these settings to target specific regions and languages you want to be visible to that align with your agency's capabilities and growth strategy.

  5. Assess the Impact on Listing Pages: As you make changes to your services, skills, languages or locations, keep an eye on the number of pages on which your campaign will run. Saving your changes will update this number.

  6. Evaluate and Adjust Budget: Evaluate your current budget for your visibility campaign and compare it to the average investment of competitors in similar market segments. If necessary, make adjustments to ensure you allocate sufficient resources to reach your target audience effectively.

  7. Save Changes: Once you have fine-tuned your visibility campaign settings, save the changes to apply them to your Sortlist profile.

Important: Remember that these settings will only apply to your visibility campaign, they won’t impact the opportunities you receive thanks to your opportunity module.

💡Tip: Download your Directories’ Report: Analyse the data to understand how your company is performing, which market segments generate the most traction, and identify areas for improvement. These insights will guide you in adapting your visibility campaigns for optimal results. You can access the report directly from your Campaign page or from your Reporting page.

Discover Sortlist's new Visibility Campaign feature and experience the power of complete control over your paid visibility.

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