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How to get my agency listed in a specific directory?
How to get my agency listed in a specific directory?

In this article, you'll discover the steps to follow in order to get listed in a specific directory on Sortlist.

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To get listed in a directory, and start getting visibility, you need to follow three steps:

  • Activate your Sortlist+ membership.

  • Define the services you provide.

  • Select your areas.

Let's see how to get this done.

Activating your Sortlist+ membership

First and foremost, you'll need to activate your membership through your dashboard, by clicking on the "Upgrade" button:

Comprehensive information about the Sortlist+ membership is available on our pricing page.

Once you've activated your membership, click on the "Visibility" section to launch a campaign targeting the directories you want to be visible on:

Select your services

You'll then be able to configure your visibility campaign, by selecting the services you provide. We'll use those services to make you appear on corresponding directories:

If you don't see any services, click on "Manage services":

This will allow you to add all the services you provide on your profile, by clicking on "Add service":

You'll then be able to add your service, define the starting price you can work with, adding the skills you're comfortable with, as well as a short description explaining what you can do exactly.

Once you're done adding all the services you provide, go back to your campaign and select the ones you want to be visible for.

In the case of our example, we'll select "Website Creation" and "Advertising", to be visible on "Website Creation" and "Advertising" directories:

If you don't activate the other services, you won't be visible on those directories but you'll still receive opportunities of project corresponding to those services.

Select your areas

Next step, if you want to be visible on a specific directory, you need to define where you want your clients to be based in, by selecting dedicated areas:

In this example, we would be visible in Nantes and Marseille only, for Website Creation and Advertising services.

If you don't see any areas, click on the "Add prospecting area" button:

This will allow you to add areas to your profile, which you'll then be able to select when configuring your visibility campaign:

And that's it! By combining services and areas, you'll appear in the directories you want to be visible on.

Bonus: Maximise your coverage

On the right side of the campaign configurator, you'll notice the campaign coverage:

This tool gives you an estimate of how visible you'll be on the directories you're targeting. To maximise it, try to edit your budget by clicking on "Edit budget":

You'll then be able to adapt your budget and maximise your coverage, to get the best results:

Any further questions? Don't hesitate to contact us directly via the chat.

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