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Sortlist for providers: How does it work?
Sortlist for providers: How does it work?

How we attract and qualify business opportunities for your company

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We attract and qualify business opportunities. You convert them into long-term clients.

Every month, Sortlist receives more than 750.000 visits from brands looking for their new provider. This happens because we've created thousands of pages ranking on relevant keywords, in dozens of countries and cities.

  • "SEO agency paris"

  • "E-Commerce agency London"

  • "PR agency spain"

  • "Advertising agency germany"

  • The list is never ending!

No matter the expertise and the location, we have a page ranking on the first page of Google. This allows us to generate a ton of traffic, that we then qualify into business opportunities for the agencies using Sortlist.

Here's how we do it and how you can take advantage from it.

How do we qualify our traffic?

When a prospect arrives at Sortlist's website, he can post a project by clicking on the "Post a project" button in the upper right corner.

This button is available on every single pages of our website.

If the prospect clicks on it, it opens a briefing form where we ask multiple questions in order to qualify him:

  • Expertise needed,

  • Role,

  • Budget,

  • Location,

  • Company size,

  • Ideal provider size,

  • Project scope,

  • Etc.

We then gather those informations to create a briefing, that we share with agencies using Sortlist.

In the next part of this article, I'll cover all the steps you can follow to start receiving business opportunities as well.

STEP 1: Create your profile as a provider

Head over to to create your profile.

This process takes less than 5 minutes. You'll then be able to customize your provider's profile, by :

  • Changing your profile picture,

  • Changing your cover picture,

  • Adding your works and your portfolio,

  • Adding your clients' reviews,

  • Defining your services,

  • Etc.

This is what your dashboard will look like, once your account has been created:

This is what your profile will look like and what your potential clients will see when they visit it:

Obviously, the more you complete your profile, the more trust it will inspire, and the more opportunities you will receive.

STEP 2: Define your services

Once you've created your profile, take the time to define the kind of services you would like to receive opportunities for.

Note that the order in which you set your services will have an impact on the opportunities we select for you. Make sure to move the services for which you want to get more opportunities at the top of the list:

STEP 3: Activate Sortlist+

The third step is to activate your Sortlist+ membership. As long as your membership is not activated, you won't experience Sortlist at full capacity

You can activate it directly in your dashboard, starting at 99€/month:

Your membership will give you access to two modules, that will change the game:

  • The Visibility Module

  • The Opportunity Module

Let's see how they work.

STEP 4: Set up your Visibility Module

This module allows you to be visible on our directories, gathering agencies based on their expertises and their locations. If you activate your module, you will appear on directories matching the services your company can offer.

The big advantage is that you will make your company appear to buyers, right when they are looking for the services you offer, which can help you meet new clients.

When you’re building a company, one of the common challenges is to be visible to clients without investing too much time and money on it. That's exactly what the Visibility Module allows you to do.

You can set up a monthly budget, that you want to invest on your visibility, and you will directly appear on our directories, which are already ranking on relevant keywords and browsed by thousands of potential customers.

Your monthly budget (ex: 300€/month) will be used progressively, as you will pay each click your profile receives.

Note that you will never be invoiced more than the monthly budget you’ve set: once it has been consumed, you will have to wait the following month to reset your budget and be visible again.

You can also increase or decrease your budget at any time, giving you full control over your investments.

STEP 5: Set up your Opportunity Module

When the Visibility Module allows you to be visible on our directories, to drive traffic on your Sortlist profile and get contacted by potential clients, the Opportunity Module allows you to directly receive qualified opportunities on your Sortlist dashboard.

Just like the Visibility Module, you need to set up your monthly budget in order to activate your Opportunity Module:

Your budget will be used progressively, as you will pay a defined price in order to apply to the opportunities we will send you. This means that you have a full control over your budget, as you decide on which opportunities to invest it.

The price of each opportunity depends on various factors, such as the client’s budget, the reputation of the company & its size, the verification done by Sortlist, and more.

We always let you know when a new opportunity presents itself, which you can then decline or apply to:

STEP 6: Improve your profile and follow up on your opportunities

Finally, in order to fully take advantage of your Sortlist+ membership, we advise you to regularly update your provider's profile with new works and clients reviews. That will improve your profile quality index, resulting in two direct effects:

  • You will appear in better positions among our directories,

  • You will receive more opportunities than your competitors.

Furthermore, when you receive an opportunity and you do apply to it, do everything you can to engage with the prospect and win the project.

Sortlist's mission is to generate traffic and to qualify it into business opportunities for your firm.

Your mission is to convert those opportunities into long term clients and to bring them as much value as you can.

Ready to get started? Click here to create your profile and start growing your firm with Sortlist.

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