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Sortlist Quotes is a practical solution crafted to meet the needs of both providers and clients. Let's explore how it will reshape your Sortlist journey and how it works.

Why using Sortlist Quotes?

1. Meet Buyers' Expectations

On Sortlist, buyers expect clear information to move forward with their decision-making process. Sortlist Quotes was born out of the recognition that providing detailed quotes is an important piece to boost your success.

2. Empowering Providers to Shine

Quotes empowers providers like you to showcase your offerings in the best possible light. By seamlessly integrating into Sortlist's selection process, it ensures that your quotes are easily accessible and detailed, giving you the opportunity to shine. Effortlessly, create professional quotes that leave a lasting impression.

3. Streamlining Communication and Collaboration

Sortlist Quotes simplifies communication and collaboration between providers and buyers. With all communication centralized within Sortlist, you will engage with buyers, exchange feedback effortlessly and negotiate terms with clarity.

4. Empowering Informed Decision-Making

Sortlist Quotes gives buyers the transparency and clarity they need to make choices that align with their needs. It enables them to directly accept quotes that align with their needs, boosting early commitment, or decline those that don't fit, allowing for necessary adjustments.

5. Decision-making Accelerator

In today's fast-paced business environment, time is crucial. Sortlist Quotes accelerates the decision-making process by providing structured quotes, empowering buyers to compare options easily and make confident decisions swiftly, ensuring they find the best fit for their needs

How to build a Quote on Sortlist?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a quote on Sortlist:

1. Quote Request

Once the buyer has accepted your application, they have the option to request a quote from you. You'll receive an email notification and a message in your opportunity inbox on Sortlist. This indicates their serious interest in your services and the project at hand.

2. Create the Quote

To start creating your quote, click directly on "Create a Quote" on any of the notifications received or directly go to the opportunity.

The quote creation process is intuitive and customizable:

  • Begin by customizing your business and the buyers’ information details if needed. Some information will already be pre-filled.

  • Continue by adding a subject or name for your quote.

  • Add items to your quote, including their price and a detailed description. You can also personalize VAT and discounts if necessary.

  • Optional: Include additional information such as a deposit requirement, optional items, comments, and attached documents.

  • Ensure to adapt the currency as needed to align with the project requirements.

3. Send or Save the Quote

After completing your quote, you have two options: save it for later or send it immediately.

If you choose to save it, you can revisit and edit it at any time before sending it on your saved quotes in the "quotes section" of your project.

4. Send the Quote

Ready to proceed? Hit the "send" button to deliver the quote to the buyer. Once sent, the client will automatically receive an email notification informing them of the new quote received. Additionally, the quote will be added to their applicants panel page for easy access and review.

5. After Sending the Quote

Your opportunity status will automatically change to "Quote Sent" after sending the quote.

The buyer will be able to access, review and download the quote directly on their opportunity page. They may request more information, provide feedback, or take other actions such as accepting or declining the quote. You will receive an email notification once the client takes action on the quote.

If the quote is accepted, the client may confirm their intention to work with you directly or continue negotiations.


How do I know if I've been requested a quote? You can check for quote requests in the opportunity section, your dashboard, or your inbox.

Can I make changes to my quote after sending it? Yes, you can create as many versions or modifications as needed, all of which will be stored in your project. Go to the "quotes" section of your opportunity page to duplicate or edit a quote.

How can I download my quote? Both you and the client can download the quote as a PDF clicking on the top right of your quote.

What if my quote is rejected? You will receive an email notification. We recommend reaching out to the client to learn more about their decision.

Can I create a quote without all the client's business details? Yes, but don't hesitate to request any necessary information from the client to validate your quote.

What should I do after sending the quote? We recommend waiting a couple of days for the client to review it. If there's no response, follow up to inquire about their thoughts. You can communicate with them at any time through the opportunity messages.

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