How much does an opportunity cost?

Understand how much opportunities cost based on their characteristics

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The price of an opportunity will vary from one opportunity to another. Several factors come into play, including the type of opportunity: direct messages or opportunities from clients.

The price of each opportunity depends on the level of qualification and engagement of the client we were able to verify as well as other product characteristics.

In this article you will be able to learn what impacts the price of each opportunity.

Direct Messages

Direct messages are 100% free. They come from clients who searched for an agency on their own, saw your public profile on Sortlist, and contacted you directly.

You do not have to pay for these as they are a direct benefit from your Visibility Campaign.


These opportunities are the ones you receive on your dashboard because we suggested your profile to a client who completed a briefing on Sortlist and did not contact you directly.

This kind of opportunity has a price, which is based on several factors:

  • the client’s budget

  • the client's location

  • the size and reputation of the client’s company

  • the verification-level done by Sortlist

  • the maturity of the project,

  • the media budget,

  • And other factors (ex. engagement of the client, completion of the briefing, your agency relevancy for that opportunity, ...)

Furthermore, the price of the opportunity will also depend on how well you are matching with the client's needs. Indeed, the more you match with a client’s project, the less you will have to pay to apply to it.

For example:

  • You have an office in the client’s city?

  • You have experience in their industry?

  • You’ve won similar projects in the past on Sortlist?

Then the opportunity will be cheaper for you, compared to competitors not matching with the client’s needs as well as you do.

With this dynamic pricing, our goal is to support providers that best match with clients using Sortlist.

What should you do?

To reduce the prices of your opportunities, make sure to:

This will expand the amount of opportunities you're matching with, and reduce their price.

What's the maximum price of an opportunity?

Know that the price of an opportunity can go up to maximum 650€. This price is subject to modifications.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will come back to you promptly.

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