How much does an opportunity cost?
Understand how much opportunities cost based on their characteristics
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The cost per opportunity (CPO) varies from one opportunity to another.

Direct Opportunities are free

Direct Opportunities come from customers who searched on their own, saw your public profile, and reached out to you.

You do not have to pay to these as they are a benefit from your Visibility Module.

Rights now the only way to see which opportunity is a "Direct" one is by checking it price.

Indeed, sometime you might see "client invited you" for a non-free opportunity but that's because they've favorited / contacted you after we suggested you.

We're working on making this clearer.

Others Opportunities have a price based on several factors

In case we suggested your profile to the client, the opportunity will have a price.

It is computed based on several factors such as:

  • the client’s budget

  • the client's location

  • the size and reputation of the company

  • the verification-level done by Sortlist

  • And other factors (ex. engagement of the client, completion of the briefing, your agency relevancy for that opportunity, ...)

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