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Improving your Sortlist profile
5 best practices for your agency profile on Sortlist
5 best practices for your agency profile on Sortlist

Follow these 5 tips to fully leverage Sortlist.

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In order to leverage Sortlist to its maximum potential, and improve your visibility as well as receive more opportunities, there are a couple of best practices to follow.

Sortlist ranks agencies to help companies find the most relevant one, that fits their :

  • needs,

  • budget,

  • location.

Our goal is to give the most relevant & qualitative results to companies, because we want to provide them with a good user experience and help them find the best agency for their project.

Qualitative results on Sortlist are considered as up-to-date and completed information. We therefore reward active agencies with relevant, completed and fresh content.

Here are the 5 elements you must be aware of to fully leverage Sortlist.

1. Verify your agency

The first step is to head over to in order to register and verify your agency on Sortlist.

This will allow you to appear in relevant directories, to start generating visibility and receiving new opportunities.

2. Carefully choose your core Services

Once you've registered, we will ask you to select the services you can offer to your clients.

This is important, for two reasons:

  1. We will take the services you listed into account to match you with relevant clients, who are looking for such services.

  2. The services you listed will appear on your public profile, and will be visible to clients who are visting it and discovering your agency.

However, know that if you want to showcase more than 2 services on your public profile, you will need to subscribe to a Sortlist+ plan.

3. Publish your best works and enrich your portfolio

Selecting your services is only the first part. Now, you need to show how experienced you are and what you've already accomplished.

This is where works come into play.

To show what your agency is capable of, you can add cases to your public profile and build a portfolio:

This step is not to be neglected.

Indeed, the more works you add to your services, the more experienced you will be considered, and the more opportunities you will receive.

You will also be more visible on directories related to the services you provide.

Furthermore, those works will also build up your credibility and increase visitors' trust coming on your public profile to discover your agency.

3.1. How to add works to your public profile?

You can easily add or edit customer cases on your agency profile by following those steps:

  • Head over to your Sortlist dashboard,

  • Click on your "Profile" tab,

  • Choose the "Works" option,

  • Click on the "+ Add work" button.

You will then have the possibility to add your work and to fully customize it with the following information:

  • Title,

  • Client,

  • Image,

  • Video,

  • Expertise,

  • Skills,

  • Budget,

  • Period of collaboration,

  • Description,

  • Challenges,

  • Solution,

  • Impact,

  • Result link.

4. Get clients’ reviews

Works show how experienced you are.

Client reviews confirm it and increase your credibility as well as your prospects' trust.

Indeed, a good pitch can persuade a prospect to trust you, but what is better than being recommended by your existing clients?

Great testimonials tell people that your product or service is not only legit but awesome enough that other people are seeing great results from it.

That's why we strongly recommend you to add as many client reviews as possible to your public profile.

Not only will this help you convince clients more easily, but you will also be more visible on the platform and you will receive more opportunities.

The reason is simple: we want companies coming on Sortlist looking for an agency to have an amazing experience. To do so, we must present them the best agencies, who have a great reputation and who proved their experience. That's why we rely heavily on works, but also on client reviews.

Therefore, ask your clients for reviews and testimonials. You will be directly rewarded for it.

4.1. How to add a client review to your public profile?

You can easily add a client review on your agency profile by following those steps:

  • Head over to your Sortlist dashboard,

  • Click on your "Profile" tab,

  • Choose the "Reviews" option,

  • Click on the "Add existing review" or "Invite to review" button.

The first one will allow you to add a review a client already wrote and shared somewhere else:

The second one will allow you to invite your client to write a new review:

In both cases, the review will be added to your public profile and will build up your credibility.

5. Refresh your content and give feedbacks on project opportunities

Fresh content influences your ranking on Sortlist because we believe that a long time client is not legit anymore in regards to your currents.

Be transparent and true to yourself. Speak to the audience you are actually working for and you will get much more credibility. 

If after having done all of it, some projects sent are still not a good match for you, you can still leave us a feedback while declining.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues or questions.

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