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How to centralize client reviews from other sources
How to centralize client reviews from other sources

It can be painful to ask your clients to write another testimonial. This is why we made it super easy for you to centralize existing reviews

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You can centralize the reviews you've collected for your website, Google, Trustpilot, or another platform on your Sortlist profile to showcase their enthusiasm without requiring them to write it from scratch.

You'll prefill everything for them to confirm

Here are the steps to follow if you want to add an existing review :

Step 1 : Go to the review section

Step 2: Click on "Add existing review"

Step 3: Fill the form

1️⃣ Select the number of stars and copy/paste your client review.
2️⃣ Enter the review source such as Trustpilot, Google Business or Facebook.
3️⃣ Enter the client's details. You need to enter their email address.
4️⃣ Select the language of the message they will receive.

Here is the message your client will receive from Sortlist :

Step 4: Receive a confirmation

Once your client accepted the review, you will receive a confirmation email by Sortlist.

That's it, you are good to go. Go catch those reviews and build up your online reputation.

Questions? Reach out to us via the chat.

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