Option 1 : Share the link via email or social media

You copy the link to the review page of your agency and share it by your own means. 

Option 2: Send a Sortlist Email Template to your clients

You can send an automatic email to multiple clients by adding their emails separated by a comma (,). 

Here is the preview of the email : 

What your clients must know ?

No matter the option you choose, your clients will land directly into the review system of your agency.

⚠️ For the review to appear, your clients have to confirm it via the email they received from Sortlist (example below).

Option 3: Add existing reviews on Sortlist

Centralize all your reviews in one place to increase your chances to be selected for opportunities !

Increasing the number of past clients' reviews increases your chances to be selected for opportunities. But asking for your clients to rewrite a review can be complicated.

On Sortlist, you can add the reviews you already have to avoid asking your client to write on several websites! 

Here are the steps to follow if you want to add an existing review : 

STEP 1 : Go to the review section

STEP 2: Click on "Add existing review" 

STEP 3: Fill the form 

1️⃣ Select the number of stars and copy/paste your client review
2️⃣ Enter the review source such as Trustpilot, Google Business or Facebook
3️⃣ Enter the client's details
4️⃣ Select the language of the message they will receive. 

Here is the example of the message they receive from Sortlist :

STEP 5: Receive a confirmation

Once your client accepted the review, you will receive a confirmation email by Sortlist.

 That's it, you are good to go. Go catch those stars ⭐️. And that is it 🤩

Questions ? Reach out to us via chat 💬

The Sortlist Team

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