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Improving your Sortlist profile
How to add new works on your profile - Best practices and step by step guide
How to add new works on your profile - Best practices and step by step guide
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1. Go to edit profile

A great way to start adding a new work is to go on your profile. You can start by following this link: 

2. Understand the various elements on the work editor

You will see different sections on the new work editor:

A. Title (Mandatory): Make an attractive one. This is the first thing marketer see when looking at your works portfolio.

B. Illustrations (Mandatory): You can add as many videos (embedded via Vimeo or Youtube) or images as you wish. Feel free to re-order them as you prefer.

C. Expertises (Mandatory): Add the core expertises to categorize your work. By doing so, you help clients find your profile when looking for your agency. You can select up to 2 'active' expertises when you're on a free membership (Want more? Check our memberships).

Only active expertises will be displayed and 'searchable' in Sortlist. Focus on your strongest, most specialized expertises. Although we have a limit of expertises that you can list on your profile, you’re always welcome to submit proposals to or to add it on the 'Skills' sub-category (see below).

D. Skills: Add from three to five core skills you used for this work. This helps clients find your profile when they are looking for an agency. Be sure you're using the correct spelling and naming the skill in English. If you are having trouble finding your skill among the options, try some synonyms. Please note we have deliberately excluded skills that you can't directly sell in our marketplace, such as "dog groomer" or "ninja."

E. Budget (Confidential): It won't be visible to Sortlist's visitors, but it will help you be selected for opportunities fitting your budget preferences.

F. Period of collaboration:  This information is great to inform visitors when you achieved your great works.

G. Description (Introduction, Challenges, Solution, Impact): In order to help you showcase your work in the best way possible, we gave you a standard template to structure your description.

Once you have completed all these fields about the work, don't forget to complete the fields about the client before saving :-)

3. How your works will look like

Two tips to see how your works will look like:

  1. If you want to see how Sortlist's clients see your work, click on the button "View work" at top (see screenshot below)

  2. If you want to see how visitors (people that visit Sortlist without logging-in) see the work, you should replace the 'app.sort...' by 'www.sort...'. (e.g. Replace by

Now feel free to add your brand new works on Sortlist and get more relevant leads for your agency.

Hope this article did answer your questions. If not, please contact our amazing support team with the chat.

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