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Your agency’s public profile just got a brand new look
Your agency’s public profile just got a brand new look

A new place to showcase your talent 🎯

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Hitting clients’ goals and expectations, all the while managing your agency’s online presence and maintaining its growth, can be extremely challenging.

For an agency, the main focus is to deliver on its clients’ projects and to guide them towards their goals. However, this often creates a situation where agency owners have little to no time to work on their own online presence and the quality of their visibility can suffer from it.

Today, Sortlist is releasing a brand new public profile for agencies. With this release, our goal is to make it easy for you to display your works, show your expertise, and attract new clients.

A new place to showcase your talent

Check out the 7 evolutions of your agency’s public profile in the following lines 👇

A new layout to stun your clients

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Needless to say your profile’s design and layout has a huge impact here.

Hence why we’ve completely revamped it:

With this new profile design, we’re aiming to :

  • Make it easy for you to present your agency in an effective way

  • Make it easy for your future customers to learn about your agency and your expertise

Let’s dig into each of the new public profile sections.

A new description: Everything a client needs to know in one glance

First and foremost, we’ve changed the design to gather all your important information at one place. In just a second, your potential customers can see your agency’s description, its rating and reviews, as well as different information such as your team’s size, your portfolio, or your awards for instance.

Easily present your services

Following your description, you have the opportunity to list all the services your agency offers in a clear way.

Thanks to the new design, clients can easily understand if your agency has the expertise they’re looking for by :

  • Accessing a short description of each service,

  • Checking your experience level,

  • Reading your past clients’ reviews on each service,

  • And knowing what’s the average budget your agency works with.

Let’s imagine a client has a Video Production project, he can easily check out if it fits what he’s looking for by passing his mouse over it:

To make it easier, we’ve taken care of each service description, meaning that you won’t have to write a description for each service you’ll be listing on your profile.

Furthermore, you should know that your experience level in each of your listed services will now be displayed. This level is based on the number of works your agency has done in the mentioned service, as well as in comparison to the amount of works your agency completed in other services.

Besides, by clicking on the right arrow, clients can find out more about each of your services: your skills, your works, as well as the clients you’ve already worked with.

Obviously, we’ve also added CTA’s at multiple spots for you to turn your Sortlist public profile into a client magnet 🧲

Your portfolio: Display everything you’ve accomplished for your clients

An agency profile wouldn’t be complete without a portfolio section. On this new design, we’ve made the portfolio clearer and more attractive:

If a client wants to know more about a specific work, he can easily check it out by clicking on the “Read more” button.

Introduce yourself: The team picture is back!

An agency is only as good as the people working for it. Be proud of your team and introduce yourself to your future clients by showing who stands behind your services and your portfolio 🔥

Display your awards and your agency’s achievements

To strengthen your agency’s credibility and reassure your potential clients, we’ve created a space for you to share the awards you’ve been granted.

Turn your clients into your best ambassadors

Today, reviews are key to the decision-making process, helping customers to get a better idea of the product or service they’re considering. On Sortlist, we’ve seen that customers are more likely to contact an agency that has reviews.

The latter induce more confidence in the customers’ purchasing decisions and help reduce doubts, which results in more business opportunities for agencies.

This is the space where you can add all of your clients reviews and improve your agency’s brand image. From experience, we can strongly recommend to invest in this section of your public profile.

If you want to know more, please read our article about how to get reviews from your clients.

Your online business card: display your contact details

The final section gives you the opportunity to share all of your agency’s details: address, social networks, and website.

Again, we’ve added a Call to Action encouraging people visiting your profile to contact you 📨

What’s the next step for your agency?

As of today, the new design of your agency public profile is already live 🚀

All there is for you to do is to check out if you are happy with the way your information is displayed and to make some edits if necessary. As we know you are busy taking care of your clients, we made sure to simplify the process as much as possible so you can manage it in no time.

Click here to edit your profile.

You can also book a meeting to get more detailed information about the new design.

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