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How does Sortlist qualify opportunities for you?
How does Sortlist qualify opportunities for you?
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With the launch of Sortlist+ and the Opportunity Module, you now have the choice to invest on the opportunities they want to apply to and discard the others for free.

We’ve made this move to allow you to be more in control of their investments on the platform.

However, on Sortlist’s side, this means that we have to qualify each opportunity we send to providers even more than we already did before. Otherwise, a provider might pay in order to apply to an opportunity, only to find out the client was looking for a different expertise or did not have the right budget in mind for his project.

We want to avoid that situation at all costs.

That is why we’ve developed multiple qualification points to make sure each opportunity you receive is qualitative.

This article presents each of those qualification points, whether they are automatically made or human made.

Let’s dive in.

Automatic qualification

When a company creates a project on Sortlist, our technology starts by automatically enriching its data with multiple information:

  • Email,

  • Phone number,

  • Job position of the contact person from the company,

  • Website,

  • LinkedIn page,

  • Company description,

  • Number of employees,

  • Social media links,

  • Office address.

All this data is automatically added to the opportunity you will receive on your Sortlist dashboard. You will then have the choice to invest on it in order to apply, or just decline it for free.

But we don’t stop there. For the most promising projects, we also carry a human qualification, led by our team of advisors.

Human qualification

The goal here is to go one step further, by having one of our advisors directly contacting companies with the most promising projects to qualify them before they get sent to your Sortlist dashboard.

This additional qualification allows us to complete the opportunity you will receive with more informations.

Project's details

The advisor starts by calling the project's holder on his phone number in order to ask him a couple of questions and complete the information that will be presented in the opportunity.

This includes:

  • The project’s scope,

  • The client’s budget,

  • The deadline,

  • The company’s goal and why it’s looking for a provider,

  • The type of provider the company would like to work with,

  • Etc.

By asking for this information, our goal is to make sure the company knows what it needs and its provider preferences. Our advisor then completes the opportunity with the information he gathered during the call, before sending it to your Sortlist dashboard.

Meeting Slots

Furthermore, while qualifying the opportunity for you, our advisor also asks the project holder when he is available to discuss and meet with you. By doing this, our goal is to help you meet a prospect more easily.

His preferences are then added to the opportunity description.

You’ll never lose time anymore trying to find a timing that both fits you and your prospect. We let you know when is the best moment to contact him:

Not only do you know when is the best time, you can also directly book a meeting in the click of a button:

Custom advices

Finally, if the company posting a project wishes it, our advisors can also orient them towards the most relevant providers.

The advisor will carry a detailed needs definition and create a concrete budget estimation. This kind of consultancy offered to the companies looking for a provider allows us to completely qualify an opportunity before we send it to you.

We obviously can’t provide this kind of qualification for 100% of the projects created on Sortlist, but we do it for the most promising ones and for the companies who require it.

How to know if an opportunity has been through human qualification?

You will always know when an opportunity has been qualified through one of our phone calls, by looking at the "Phone assistance" section:

We will also let you know when we were not able to talk directly with the project holder, which will impact the opportunity’s level of qualification:

After the call, our advisor adds all the information gathered to the opportunity, and then validates it. A confirmation email is sent to the project holder, letting him know his request has been sent to relevant providers:

Better qualification, higher pricing, better opportunity

Finally, you might be wondering what these qualification efforts are changing for you? What’s the actual impact?

There are two.

First, the more we qualify an opportunity, the higher its price will be. Since we’ve invested time on qualifying the opportunity, and because we’ve been in direct contact with the company, the price of the opportunity goes up.

Of course, our qualification efforts are not the only criteria we apply to define an opportunity’s price, but it does have a role to play. Therefore, if you receive an opportunity that is more expensive than the others, you know we carried a deeper qualification.

Second, the more qualified an opportunity is, the easier it will be for you to get in touch with the company behind it. It will take you less energy and less time to set up a meeting, and potentially land a new client.

All in all? An opportunity that requires a larger initial investment has a higher chance of becoming your next client because we’ve qualified it for you.


Let's recap! The following infographic presents all the qualification points an opportunity goes through before landing on your Sortlist dashboard. Note that some opportunities only go through the first step, while some opportunities go through both.

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