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Discover Sortlist Intro Meeting
Discover Sortlist Intro Meeting
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Sortlist Intro Meeting

Setting up the first meeting with a client is the first step in building a new great business story. However, finding a suitable time slot for both of you can be tricky sometimes.

That's why we've improved our meeting management tool and we are excited to introduce Sortlist Intro Meeting: a dedicated room for your first video call where you and the client will be able book, modify, and follow up on your first meeting.

✅ Opportunities with Sortlist Intro Meeting

In the opportunities you receive with the Sortlist Intro Meeting option, you will be able to directly book one of the available slots in the client's calendar to have your first video call.

The meetings will be added to your calendars and you will both have the option to modify them if needed. The first video call will take place in an exclusive and secure space created in Sortlist Intro Meeting.

At Sortlist, we have been working hard to improve the technical functionalities on the tool to make sure that:

  • the meetings are correctly added in each others calendars

  • agencies and clients will see if the other party has confirmed a future attendance.

It is important that you respect the time, as it is the time the client has assigned for you, in order to enhance the experience for both of you.

🔁 Can't someone attend the meeting? Avoid surprises

One of Sortlist Intro Meeting's goals is to make sure that regardless of any changes that may arise, the meeting takes place. If you or the client will not be able to attend the meeting, you will be able to change it both from the opportunity screen and from the confirmation email. Whoever wishes to reschedule the meeting will be able to create and suggest new slots to the other one.

🧐 Follow-up: find out how the first meeting went

By using Sortlist Intro Meeting for your first video call, you can find out what the client thinks of that first contact. After the meeting, Sortlist will ask for your feedback and for the clients’ one about how they would like to proceed with your agency. Both of you will receive that information by email and as an agency, you will be able to see it aso on the opportunity page. This way, you'll know what next steps to take with the client.

Check out the FAQS below to learn more about how Sortlist Intro Meeting works!

Get the most out of your first meeting, close deals and take the pulse of your first customer contact with Sortlist Intro Meeting.


1. How do I know if an opportunity has a Sortlist Intro Meeting option?

On the right side of the screen, you will see the “Book a Meeting” Claim. You will need to Apply to the opportunity to access the clients’ free slots and book your first video call through Sortlist Intro Meeting.

2. How can I reschedule an intro meeting?

If you or the client needs to reschedule the meeting you have different ways of doing it:

  • From the confirmation email

  • From the opportunity screen

  • From the event

On all of these touchpoints you have the opportunity to either reschedule or cancel the meeting. Any of you will be able to directly propose new time slots to find a new opportunity to have this first videocall. Both of you will be notified and the new meeting will need to be confirmed but by of you.

3. How can I know if the customer will attend the meeting?

When you pick a slot to meet the client, he or she will receive a confirmation email where they will need to confirm on their side the meeting. You will be notified by email and will have the meeting added to your calendar and to the opportunity.

Also, a reminder of the meeting will be sent to both of you 24 hours before the video meeting.

4. How is the meeting taking place?

Sortlist Intro Meeting offers two possibilities:

  • A video call, on a dedicated space.

  • A phone call, directly on the client's number.

For the video call, you will be able to access your personal meeting room from the meeting link.

5. What if the customer doesn’t show up?

If the client doesn't show up, we will get in touch with him or her to confirm their interest in meeting your agency and find out if they wish to reschedule the meeting.

You will get notified about their feedback and about what next steps to take.

6. How can I get access to the feedback from the client ?

You will be able to access the client’ feedback directly on the opportunity page. You will get a notification via email when this feedback is available.

7. Will my feedback also be shared to the client ?

Yes. Your feedback will also be shared with the client.

8. Can I invite colleagues to an intro meeting ?

Yes. There are two ways to add colleagues to your intro meeting:

  • From the event on the calendar: as you would do for any other event, just "add guests" to the event and they will receive the link to the first intro call.

  • From the room on Sortlist Intro Meeting: you will have the possibility to add directly colleagues by charing the link of the intro videocall.

If you need help or want more info about this new feature, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. We'll be happy to help!

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