How many providers can apply for an opportunity?
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A maximum of 4 providers can apply for an opportunity before it is closed. Once 4 providers have applied, no extra seats will be available and we will close the opportunity.

Why a maximum of 4 providers per opportunity?

Three reasons motivate this rule.

A fair level of competition.

We want to ensure a fair level of competition to providers who apply for opportunities on Sortlist.

Thanks to this 4 seats limit, you know how many competitors are trying to win the project and you can easily assess an opportunity to decide if you want to apply or not.

A balanced choice of providers for prospects.

We want to avoid the paradox of choice: too many options kills our ability to make a decision and move forward. A limit of 4 seats per opportunity allows prospects to find a provider more easily and to make informed decisions for their projects.

A better responsiveness from prospects to providers.

The 4 seats limit will allow prospects to properly consider each provider that applied to their project, to study their offer, their services, and their portfolio.

This will increase their responsiveness, as they will have the time to answer each applicants, including you.

What does it mean for your agency and your success on Sortlist?

First and foremost, you will need to be reactive when you receive an opportunity in order to take a seat. If you wait too long, other providers might take all the available seats, blocking you from applying to the opportunity.

You should also know that an opportunity will be closed automatically after 7 days, even if less than 4 providers have applied to it.

Once you’ve applied, you should expect to close the deal more easily. Indeed, the prospect will be more reactive as he’ll only need to exchange with 4 providers in total. Your chances of winning a new project on Sortlist have gone up thanks to this limit.

Follow your progress directly on the opportunity.

We've also released an update, letting you know where you stand exactly in your process to winning a new client:

Just check the top of the opportunity's page to know how close you are to winning.

Will you be able to see who are the providers that applied to an opportunity?

You will be able to see who are your competitors on an opportunity thanks to our intelligence offering.

Without the intelligence offering, you will know how many competitors have already applied to an opportunity, but their logos and names will be blurred out.

Any questions?

Contact us directly via the chat and we will come back to you promptly.

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