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All you need to know about opportunities
How to define your opportunities preferences and get the most results
How to define your opportunities preferences and get the most results
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In order to boost your sales and attract opportunities that fit your core services, you can activate our Opportunity module and customize your target markets as well as your qualification criteria.

Discover 2 types of opportunities: qualified ones and suggested ones

Logging into your Sortlist dashboard, you’ll discover two types of opportunities:

  • Qualified ones

  • Suggested ones

Qualified opportunities are the ones perfectly matching your target markets as well as your qualification criteria. It’s in this tab that you’ll find the most promising projects, as there is a perfect match between your services and the expectations of the prospects.

However, we’ll also suggest you other opportunities, that might not be a perfect match but that we’d still advise you to consider. You’ll find those opportunities in the “Suggested” tab.

You’re in control: Tell us what opportunities you want to receive

As a service provider, you know better than anyone what kind of clients you want to be working with. Sortlist can help you meet and work with those clients, as long as you tell us who they are.

Indeed, we need to know what your Ideal Customer Profile is, so that we can send you qualified opportunities. Doing so will help you gain time and close new clients more easily, as the opportunities you’ll receive will perfectly match what you’re looking for.

Qualified opportunities are defined by two ingredients, that you can fully customize:

  • Your target markets,

  • Your qualification criteria.

Let’s see how you can control them to receive the opportunities you want.

Defining your preferences to receive qualified opportunities

To get started, head to your Sortlist dashboard, select your opportunities and then preferences tab:

That’s where you’ll be able to define your target markets and qualification criteria.

Your target markets

Target markets are the markets for which you want to receive opportunities. They are defined by two elements:

  • The services you can offer,

  • The area you’re working in.

Taking this into account, a target market can be:

  • Graphic Design in Paris,

  • Website Creation in Spain,

  • Advertising in New York,

  • Etc.

We always define a market with a service and an area. Therefore, to receive opportunities, you first need to tell us which markets you are prospecting in.

Keep in mind that you can always change those markets, either by activating or deactivating some services, or by adding new prospecting areas:

Your target markets allow us to know what kind of opportunities we can send you. But you can go further, by defining your qualification criteria, which will filter out opportunities that do not 100% match with what you’re looking for.

Your qualification criteria

To receive a qualified opportunity, not only does it have to match one of your target markets, but it also needs to match all of your qualification criteria.

Here are the ones you can use:

  • The client’s budget,

  • The maturity of the project,

  • The audiences types,

  • The geographical scopes,

  • The business type,

  • The industry,

  • The company size,

  • The client’s annual turnover,

  • And the project holder’s decision making power.

Those criteria allow you to filter the opportunity you will receive in your “Qualified” tab.

Those qualified opportunities are a perfect match with the clients you’re looking for, so always keep an eye on that tab: your next big hit might just be there.

To help you spot them more easily, you'll notice a label next to those opportunities:

Capture d’écran 2024-02-27 à 10.54.29

4 labels are possible:

  • Perfect Match,

  • Great Match,

  • Good Match,

  • Fair Match.

Iterate and constantly improve yourself

Thanks to those criteria, not only will you receive qualified opportunities, but you will also know why you receive them:

For each opportunity, you will know:

  • How you match with the prospect’s expectations, and what you can do to improve this match (in this example, add an automotive project to your profile),

  • How the prospect and his project are matching with your qualification criteria.

This information will help you decide if you should apply or not, but it will also help you prepare your first meeting with the prospect if you do decide to apply. You’ll know which strengths to present, and which points to prepare for in order to close the prospect and win the project more easily.

Tailored filtering: customize your experience

By default, you'll receive notifications exclusively for Qualified opportunities. However, if you're open to exploring more opportunities, simply adjust your settings to include Suggested opportunities as well.

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To start personalizing your notifications, head to the Preferences sections in your Opportunities tab and tailor your preferences to suit your needs.

What’s next?

So, what should you do next? Head to your Sortlist dashboard. Define both your target markets and qualification criteria, and start receiving qualified opportunities!

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on your suggested opportunities. As mentionned earlier, they might not match all of your criteria, but they’re still worth considering.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us with the chatbox below, we’ll answer to you promptly!

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