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How Sortlist works for clients
How and why Sortlist is 100% free for clients
How and why Sortlist is 100% free for clients
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Is it really free?

Our platform is 100% free for project holders like you. At no part in the process of selecting a service provider will you be charged nor asked for payment details.

So how does Sortlist make money?

Sortlist charges its agencies for the service we provide them with. They can receive two kinds of benefits from being a Sortlist-verified service provider for which they pay:

  1. Visibility - Agencies can decide whether they would like to appear on our directory for which they pay on a CPC basis.

  2. Opportunity - The service provider is presented with opportunities (projects) by advisors and pays for the ones they wish to be considered for.

How does the client benefit from this model?


With the opportunity model, agencies are only required to pay a fee if they would like to be considered for your project and have a meeting with you.

This ensures we get specialists for your project.

How? By charging a fee for this opportunity, agencies are incentivized to only pursue projects they are confident they can win because of their expertise, and they match your criteria.

To illustrate, let's consider an extreme case: a graphic design agency would never apply for a web design project. Not only would they be unlikely to win your trust, but their fee would also be lost. The same applies to the finer details of the project brief. For instance, if you're looking for influencer marketing, a non-specialist agency would be unlikely to apply. They would find it challenging to compete with agencies that specialize in this field and have extensive experience in it. In such a scenario, non-specialist agencies would also risk losing their fee.

We always limit the number of agencies that can apply per project as not to overwhelm the client with options. With this limit, it is in our best interest as well to select the right agencies for the projects for them to apply to the opportunity.


With the visibility package, agencies pay to be seen, but you have the control to make the choice. The directory provides a full list of verified agencies that have paid for increased visibility. If you find an service provider that meets your project requirements, you can send them a direct briefing from their profile.

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