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How Sortlist works for clients
Who are the Sortlist service providers, and how do we choose them?
Who are the Sortlist service providers, and how do we choose them?
Sortlist is a comprehensive service provider with a vast network of over 53,600 agencies worldwide. Here's how we find your perfect match.
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💡 If you are based outside of Belgium, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, or the MENA region, please refer to our other article describing our service providers for our international market.

The Sortlist service provider

With more than 53,600 agencies in over 150 countries, Sortlist offers an extensive range of options from which you’re sure to find the perfect match.

We have a service provider for every need; expertise, size, specialized industry, budget, and location.

This number may seem overwhelming, but with the personalized guidance from advisors as well as our AI algorithm, we filter out the ones that are perfect for you and provide you with a top 5 list.

The algorithm

The purpose of the algorithm is to help you filter through the agencies that fit certain criteria of your project brief.

It evaluates agencies based on certain factors and assigns them a ranking score. These factors include:

  1. Whether or not the agency is specialized in the expertise of your brief (e.g. graphic design, online advertising etc.)

  2. If they speak at least one of the languages you have requested

  3. They are located in a limited radius of your preferred location (if specified)

  4. They have previous works in your budget range

Role of the advisor

Although seeking help from your advisor is optional, they can greatly help you in selecting the best service provider for your project.

Our advisors know our agencies well. They are in constant contact with them and know which fit best for each project.

They are there to provide you with personalized help by providing you with a list of agencies that they believe could be a good match, in addition to those generated by the algorithm.

But not only that, they are also there to guide you through any part of the process, from clarifying any doubts about the brief, to booking calls with agencies or helping you make the final choice.

Remember that you can always book a call with them via a link at the bottom of any e-mail you receive from Sortlist and that this entire service is free.

Your list of agencies

Your list of agencies is unique to your project. The list only displays agencies that meet the criteria you have specified for the project.

As mentioned before, your complete list of agencies will be the one generated by our AI algorithm and, if you wish, those hand-picked by your advisor.

The agencies chosen by the advisor have been directly contacted by the advisor themselves and presented with the project. Agencies can either accept or reject the project, but must pay a fee to be considered a candidate. This ensures that only the agencies who are truly interest and capable of delivering will accept the project.

This approach saves you a significant amount of time, as you can be confident that the agencies on the list are well-suited to the task.

These agencies will be introduced to you personally via e-mail with a personalized message from the service provider and their portfolio of previous projects for you to take a look.

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