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How Sortlist works for clients
5 Steps To Finding Your Service Provider With Sortlist
5 Steps To Finding Your Service Provider With Sortlist

This article explains the process of creating a brief, publishing the project, meeting with service providers, and making the final choice.

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💡 If you are based outside of Belgium, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, or the MENA region, please refer to our other article describing the Client Process for our International market.

Just like 78,000 before you, you are on your way to finding the perfect service provider with Sortlist.

But maybe there is something holding you back for now.

In case you have any doubts or hesitations, we’re here to break down the process for you. Here’s our guide to explain to you how finding the right service provider works with Sortlist, what you can expect throughout the process and how to make the final choice.

Here are the 5 simple steps to finding your perfect match with Sortlist.

Creating the brief

Once you get to the end of your brief, you can have the option to either keep it as a draft, or publish it. Here’s what those two options mean for you:

Publishing your project or keeping it as a draft

Keeping a project in draft form

By keeping your project in draft, you’ll have access to your new Sortlist account where you can take your time to finish your brief. Here you’ll also be able to read and watch a few testimonials of some of our previous clients as well as navigate through our FAQs for any doubts you may have.

If your briefing score is relatively low, you may be contacted by one of our advisors to help you complete the brief or to answer any doubts you may have.

Publishing your project

By publishing your project you’re just a few clicks away from finding your perfect match! Within the first 6 hours of publishing your project, you will start to receive applications from service providers interested in collaborating with you.

Please note that this is not a fixed engagement nor are you under any obligation to the agencies. You can discover their profiles, portfolios, and range of expertises, and meet with them at your own pace before making your final choice.

The whole process on our platform is also 100% free of charge.

You will gain access to our fully personalized matchmaking service to find the most suitable service provider. Our team of advisors will also send your project over to service providers they find most convenient for you. You’ll receive a maximum of 4 applications to review, although you can always request more options if you are not satisfied with the initial round of service providers.

Meeting your advisor - if you wish

Every project that comes through our platform is assigned an advisor. They are there to provide you with personalized assistance to help you find the perfect match.

You can make the choice whether to seek help from the advisor or simply navigate the process by yourself.

Your advisor is there to help you at any part of the process. You can ask them to:

  • Help you to better understand your needs and fill out your briefing

  • Advise you on the type of partner, budget, and strategy you should aim for

  • Prepare you for the next steps to start meeting service providers

  • Etc.

To book a 15-minute call with your advisor via Google Meet or phone, you can do so directly here.

If you are not quite ready yet, you can do it at any time by:

  1. Selecting the option directly in the briefing, (you may already see the option to “Get free assistance” before publishing the brief)

  2. Clicking on the button “Get advice, it’s free” on the homepage of your Sortlist account

  3. With the link at the bottom of the confirmation email you received after publishing your project

Meeting the service providers

Once you publish your project, our advisors, along with an AI algorithm will select a shortlist of service providers to present your project to.

Once we get confirmation from those who are Interested in collaborating with you, you will receive an-email and text message with a personalized introductory e-mail from the service provider (4 maximum at first). The message will invite you to view their application which includes:

  • A brief introduction

  • Their contact information as well as a link to book a call

  • A link to their Sortlist profile

  • A few examples of previous works

  • And some latest reviews from previous clients

Remember that our services for you are 100% free of charge and any meeting you have with a service provider has no cost, we only ask you to respond to the agencies that get in touch with you by clicking on the thumb up or thumb down button of their application.

Further down the line, if you have any meetings set up with a service provider, please try your best to attend said meeting and if for any reason you can no longer attend, make sure to re-schedule in advance.

The final choice

You have found your perfect match! It is time to close your project. Simply let your advisor know via e-mail that you have made your final choice. Also, make sure to let the other service providers which you may have spoken with that you will unfortunately not be proceeding with them via your preferred method of communication.

If you are having a hard time making the final decision, you can always discuss things over with your advisor. They can give you further guidance or present you with other agencies if you are not yet fully convinced.

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