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Why invest in Sortlist+ rather than in an SEO strategy?
Why invest in Sortlist+ rather than in an SEO strategy?

The Sortlist Visibility Module makes your agency visible on Google faster and with less efforts.

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When you’re building your agency, one of the common challenges is to be visible to clients looking for the services you offer.

There’s many channels you can use, and SEO might be the first one that comes to your mind.

When you think about it, SEO has been there for more than 20 years and is an amazing growth leverage. You can position yourself on topics your clients are looking for, win new projects, and be visible where it matters for your business.

But despite its strengths, SEO can be very challenging sometimes and it could be hard for some agencies to adapt their strategies to their SEO efforts.

In this article, we’ll see the 4 shortcomings of an SEO strategy for your agency’s visibility, and how Sortlist+ Visibility Module can be a leverage to grow your business.

Producing content day in and day out ✍️

For a SEO strategy to work, and actually bring qualitative organic traffic to your website, you will have to produce content that targets specific keywords. This takes time and requires a lot of resources:

  • Finding relevant keywords that are not too competitive but still related to your business, knowing that keywords clients use to find your services evolve and change overtime.

  • Writing content based on those keywords to match the search intent of your potential clients and appear in the Google results,

  • Building the backlinks (i.e. links going from a website to your website) necessary to get a domain authority high enough so Google considers you as a good source of information.

This is a long process, especially because you need to repeat it for multiple months before getting some results. On average, it generally takes around 6 months of work to start seeing some results. And that’s only if you don’t get hurt by a Google update in between.

If you were to compare it with our Sortlist+ Visibility Module, an agency that subscribes to it will automatically appear in our directories, which are already ranking on relevant keywords and browsed by potential customers.

We also take care of regularly updating our directories to match clients’ searches on Google, even if they change overtime.

The Visibility Module allows you to save time and to focus all your energy on serving your clients.

Keeping your website up to date 🛠

Aside from the content, a SEO strategy will also require you to keep your agency’s website up to date with Google’s guidelines and make it technically able to rank.

Even if you’re writing the best content, it won’t be visible to your target customers if your website is not technically optimal. See it like Formula 1: you may have the best driver, but if your car is not performing well, there’s no way you’ll win the race.

By subscribing to a Sortlist+ Visibility Module, you’ll take advantage of our team’s efforts, working daily to improve our website’s performances and maintain our pages in the top results of Google.

You’ll gain time, save energy and avoid the SEO technical hassles, so you’ll be able to focus on your clients and their needs.

Optimizing your pages for conversion 🤝

Ranking on Google is only one part of the job. You’ll still need to optimize your website in order to convert your visitors into leads, and then into loyal customers.

That includes:

  • design,

  • UX,

  • UI,

  • copywriting,

  • etc.

This requires time. Time that you won’t be able to invest on your clients’ projects and therefore develop your portfolio, while it’s exactly what your competitors will be doing.

With Sortlist+, you directly get a great looking personal page optimized for conversion, that requires 0 maintenance work from you, and that you can fully customize.

This includes:

  • your client reviews,

  • your services,

  • your portfolio,

  • your team,

  • your contact information,

  • as well as your profile and cover pictures.

Investing large amounts of money 💰

SEO is a jungle, and it requires tons of resources to bring actual results.

Using tools, writing content, buying backlinks, optimizing your website… All of this can end up in a massive budget that has to be invested regularly and in the long term, with no guarantee of results.

To give you an idea, just for SEO tools and link building, Sortlist invested more than 160K€ in 2022. And that’s without counting our Human costs, our team making it possible for Sortlist to rank in the top pages.

The Visibility Module will allow you to take advantage of all the investments we’re making.

And not only will Sortlist+ make your agency appear on relevant keywords for way less, meaning 99€/month + the budget you will set, but you’ll only pay for the results you will get.

Thanks to the Visibility Module, you are in full control of your budget and it will only be used if your profile actually receives some visits from potential customers.

Watch this video to learn more 👇

Wrap up 📝

All in all, a Sortlist+ Visibility Module will allow you to appear on the first page of Google, without having to handle all of the hassles of an SEO strategy:

  • Producing content day in and day out,

  • Keeping your website up to date,

  • Optimizing your pages for conversion,

  • Investing large amounts of money.

So start putting your SEO on autopilot with Sortlist+ and focus on growing your agency.

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