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Why only 2 services appear on your agency's profile, and how to have more?
Why only 2 services appear on your agency's profile, and how to have more?

This article explains why you only see 2 services appear on your profile, and what you need to do to have more.

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When creating your agency's profile on Sortlist, one of the first steps you need to take is to list the services you can offer to your clients.

This is important, for two reasons:

  1. We will take the services you listed into account to match you with relevant clients, who are looking for such services.

  2. The services you listed will appear on your public profile, and will be visible to clients who are visting it and discovering your agency.

This allows potential clients to know if your agency can provide the kind of services they are looking for and how experienced you are, based on your amount of works and reviews.

However, after listing your services in your Sortlist Dashboard, it is possible that you only see 2 services appear on your public profile:

This can happen, even if you have listed more than 2 services in your Sortlist Dashboard.

It happens when your agency is in the freemium version of Sortlist. When you are using the freemium version, only the 2 first services you've listed in your dashboard are shown on your public profile.

Therefore, you have two options:

  • Subscribe to Sortlist+ to be able to display more services.

  • Stay on the freemium version, but change the order of your services to have the 2 most relevant ones appear on your profile.

However, in order to leverage Sortlist to its full potential, we recommend to subscribe to Sortlist+ and define a minimum visibility budget.

Watch this video to learn more:

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