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Rules Regarding Deactivating and Deleting Accounts
Rules Regarding Deactivating and Deleting Accounts

The Sortlist Policy on Deleting and Deactivating

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Will Sortlist remove my agency from the site if I ask?

Because transparency and helping buyers navigate through a very complex digitalized business world is a core part of our mission, we can't agree to remove your agency from Sortlist.

Every business has a voice on Sortlist

It is companies who decide which agencies are reviewed on Sortlist, and we believe their reviews hold useful information for buyers and businesses alike.

Online reviews build trust and credibility

We understand that some agencies have concerns about being reviewed online. But we also think it creates significant opportunities to engage with and learn from reviewers.

This includes building trust and credibility. This is why we have a thorough verification process and allow agencies to answer to any and all negative reviews, openly.

The internet has made it easier than ever before for people to share their experiences and feedback. Businesses can now choose to what extent they want to take part in these online conversations.

We see Sortlist as the main option for gathering and using constructive business-to-business dialogue.

If You Would Like to Deactivate Your Account

If you would like to be removed as administrator of your agency page, please contact us. Know that it means you won’t be able to edit the profile, answer to reviews and get in touch with inbound requests.

For now, only a Sortlist member can delete your account. Here is what you can do:

  • explain why you're leaving us 😢

We understand that this tool isn't a fit for everyone. We also understand if you're taking the next step in your career. In any case, we'll miss you and wish you all the best!

The Sortlist Team

PS - Let's keep in touch on Linkedin to let us know what you became 👋 

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