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3 tips to get a meeting with the client
3 tips to get a meeting with the client
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Getting a meeting after accepting a project on Sortlist is highly related to the trust the client has about you. Here are three key points to follow in order to achieve that:

1. Write a killer first message:

 How have you approached the lead?

We all know the importance of the first impression. The impression you make can be reflected through your website, your Sortlist profile with your previous works, description and reviews or simply in the first message you send. The secret of a good message is to highlight the added-value of your agency through the client’s point of view.

Don’t be afraid to sell your skills, but keep this in mind: the more personalised is your message and the more you highlight the common aspects of your work and the project, the more you’re going to get this meeting.

2. Complete your profile:

Did you create “non-verbal” trust?

As stated before, your Sortlist profile is probably going to be the first touch-point the client has with your agency. Hence, you must convince him with a blink of an eye that you are the right partner for him.

The best way to seduce is not only what you say, but rather what others say about you! Previous works and reviews are therefore of prime importance: if accurate, they will considerably improve your closing rate.

Make sure to update them regularly. If the client actually sees you had experience in his field and if you have been recommended for it, he will trust you.

Click here to see how to get reviewed and let your clients sell for you!

3. Build a structured follow-up:

How have you contacted him?

Last but not least, how do you structure your sales process? Do you have a CRM to follow-up with the prospect? In other words: do you know how many times have you tried to reach him? Have you had him on the phone? How many times have you been waiting before following up?

Getting in contact with the client through the right channel, at the right time and with the right message is key to closing deals. Here is an interesting article to guide you through the best process to get in contact and follow-up with a client.

To conclude, every client is unique.

Keep in mind that this person is an opportunity to expand your network and then improve your pitch and the reputation of your agency.

Try to put yourself in his place and think about how you would like to meet foreign agencies for your needs. You are here to guide him/her through new challenges so listen to them and stay human... You are an expert for that! ;-)

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