Click on "Register as an agency" and type your Agency Name. 

If your agency appears in the dropdown you can click on it ''Create''. 

If it is written "join", please contact the support via

2. Fill in your basic information

Add your phone number, website, email address and services to disblock your profile.

3. Set your Location & Prospection Area

Under the Profile tab, you can add your Headquarter and your other offices.

Under the Target markets tab, your headquarter is automatically set as your prospection area. But if you'd like to receive opportunities from somewhere else, feel free to change it. 

4. Chose your core-services...

...and set a minimum/maximum budget for each of them. Skills tags are there to improve the opportunities' selection, while the description is what the client sees. Both are meant to say more about what you do.
For example, if you create mobile applications, you can set "iOS" and "Android" as skills for this service and explain in the description what are your specialities ;-)

5. Reach a Profile Quality index of 1

You can fill in your profile step by step and save your changes to keep on later. A high attractiveness score allows you to receive relevant opportunities, make a good impression on clients & even improves your online visibility.

This guide can help you optimize it intelligently to get more relevant opportunities ;-)

If you got any questions, feel free to write to

Happy to chat!

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