I can't log in or reset my password

Follow these steps to access again your Sortlist agency profile.

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You may not remember how you used to logging in with Sortlist, with Google instead of your email address, or with your social account.

1. Make sure you haven't created a second account

It often happens that instead of logging in, you create a new account with another email address. By creating a new account, you will not access your profile and therefore see this page :

What to do? You'll want to log out from this account and find back the exact email address you have used for your very first account.

2. Make sure you have the right email & password

To find back your password, you'll want to reset it by clicking on "Don't remember your password?" from here.

If you're not receiving the password reset email :

  • check your spam folder

  • make sure you have not signed up with a social media account: in this case you cannot reset your password

  • you may have misspelled your email address: in this case, ask us to confirm it and create a new user account. We'll add you as manager of the agency profile

3. Make sure you are manager of the profile

If you have the right email and password but still have no access to your agency profile, make sure you are a manager.

You have 2 options :

  • Either the agency profile is already claimed

You must NOT create a second profile for your agency. Instead, ask your colleagues who are the current manager and ask him to add your name among the managers. He can follow this article: "How do I invite a team member in Sortlist?".

  • Either the agency profile is not claimed or not suggested in the dropdown menu

You can create a new profile for your agency. If you see your agency name under the dropdown menu, you can select it.

4. If you can still not access your profile...

Send us a screenshot of your page (with the URL) via chatbox or at hello@sortlist.com. The team is always happy to help you out 💪 

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