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Getting started with CRM integration
Getting started with CRM integration

How to automatically send my Sortlist opportunities to my CRM?

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Stop copy-pasting, spare time and make sure you don't miss a deal with our CRM integrations 💥



In order to connect your CRM, you must have : 

  • A user account on Sortlist 

  • A paid membership plan

  • An account on Pipedrive, Teamleader or Hubspot. Another CRM? Make a request here.

⚠️ Important : only one person per agency must connect the CRM to make it available for the whole team! 


Important: before you connect your CRM to your account, make sure you are the first and only user to make that operation! 

🦄 On future applies we'll send the client, company and deal info directly in your CRM

ps: We've sent a dummy deal so you can see what it'll look like.



  • Does Sortlist have access to my CRM data ? Yes. Once the integration is activated, Sortlist will have access to your CRM data. However Sortlist will not use this data for any other reasons (internal use, sales, ...) but exclusively to follow-up the Sortlist opportunities.

  • Will the opportunity be removed from my Sortlist account ? No, you will still have the opportunity on your Sortlist opportunity dashboard. 

  • Can I add all my previous accepted opportunities? No, we don’t currently offer the historical export. Get in touch with us if that’s something that would interest you.

  • Is it possible to push opportunities to my CRM even if I don’t have an account on that CRM? As soon as the integration is completed every Sortlist manager who accepts an opportunity will push the opportunity to the agency CRM. 

💬 For any more question, get in touch with us via the chat


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