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How the client sees your agency profile
How the client sees your agency profile

We've been working hard to improve the interaction between you and your potential clients. Here is how to optimise it ;-)

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Recently, Sortlist decided to give more power to the project owners. We released the instant match where he/she can check up the most relevant agencies profiles and decide whether or not he/she is interested by the profiles. A bit like agencies deciding whether or not they are interested in an opportunity.

Here’s how to stand out with this new matching system:

Once you are selected for an opportunity, the client directly sees you exist. He can access to your profile and see who you are, what you do and what you're good at.

A first good impression increase your chances to be contacted. And when the clients show their interest for your profile, you increase your chances to win.

So how to be invited (more often) by clients?

1. Get your preferences right.

The first thing clients see is how you match their request. Make sure your team size, budget, language, location and sector are updated. 

2. Polish your profile.

The second thing clients look at is your description, works and reviews. Make sure they are as impactful as possible.

Other elements of your profile are influencing the opportunity selection. If you want to improve it, feel free to consult our Ultimate Guide to optimise your profile 👀

3. Respond to messages fast.

You don't need to be the first one to apply for an opportunity. But this doesn't mean timing is less important. Because when clients contact you, the faster you answer, the higher your chances to win.

Happy Sortlisting !

The Sortlist Team

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