How can I change my email address?

What if you want to switch your personal email address into your profesionnal one? What if you need to replace your ex-colleague account?

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This is very common: the colleague that created a profile for your agency left. And you'd like to change his email address so that you can edit your Agency Profile.

Or you signed up with your Linkedin account, but this account is actually linked with your personal email address. You therefore receive the opportunities in the wrong inbox.

So how to replace the email address?

There is actually no way to change an existing user account. You can either delete it, either add a new one. So what you'll want to do is : creating a new user account.

The email you need to replace is not working anymore (the case of an ex-colleague)

First, create your own user account. Once it is confirmed, please contact us at to ask us to add you as a manager of your Agency Profile.

You can follow these steps to create your own user account and, please, do not create a new agency profile. We will make sure you can access the existing one.

The email you need to replace is still working (the case of a personal email)

You can create your own user account with the new email you'd like to use. 

Then, log in with the old email. The old account enables you to add your new account as a manager of your Agency Profile. 

This guide explains you how to do so. Keep in mind that you're the person inviting a team member and the person invited at the same time 😀 

Once it is done, you'll be able to delete your old account by yourself:

Hope this helps you out! If you still have any question, feel free to reach out. 

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