How will I get notified for new project opportunities?
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You can decide to be notified either:

  • For every opportunities landing on your dashboard.

  • Or only for qualified opportunities.

To change this setting, follow these steps:

  • Head to your Sortlist dashboard,

  • Select "Opportunities",

  • Click on the "Preferences" tab,

  • You'll find the notifications setting at the bottom of the page.

In both cases, whether you choose to be notified for every opportunities or only for qualified opportunities, you will receive a notification by email:

What is a qualified opportunity?

Qualified opportunities are the ones perfectly matching your target markets as well as your qualification criteria.

Logging into your Sortlist dashboard, you can let us know what kind of clients you want to be working with, thanks to two levers:

  • Your target markets (i.e. services and geographical area),

  • Your qualification criteria (i.e. budget, project maturity, business type, industry, etc.).

When an opportunity perfectly matches both one of your target markets and all of your qualification criteria, it's considered as qualified.

Who gets the notification when a new opportunity is available?

An email is sent to all the Managers and to the email address you indicated in your contact details:

Contact us via the chat if you have any further questions.

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