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Why do "we know your agency" ?
Why do "we know your agency" ?
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"We Know Your Agency" has a particular meaning for us at Sortlist. With our slogan, we want to highlight the importance of knowledge in the highly competitive marketing industry. Getting to know the agencies, understand their positioning and the types of projects they are looking for is of prime importance for us. That is why we meet around 10 agencies and are in contact with more than 500 of them on a weekly basis, in Belgium and France.

We like data

At Sortlist, we are highly data driven. We gather a lot of data regarding the marketing industry, as we have more than 60 thousand agencies on our directories, with more than 3.500 having updated their profile in Belgium and France. This gives us precious insights on who has been working with whom, at what time, in which expertise and for which budget.

Experience never lies

Before launching Sortlist more than 3 years ago, we were active in the market as a digital agency. This past experience gave us the knowledge about client-agency relationships, the processes and the specificities of this interesting market.

All this mixed up together, gives us the background, the experience and the data necessary to play our role as a marketplace in the marketing and advertising industry.

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