1. Do not underestimate the first message

Your message is the company first impression of you. Make it a good one! Be sure to address any issues the customer raised and respond to their specific needs. Finally, pay attention to the small things: address the customer by his name, make sure not to make spelling or grammar mistakes, and sign with your name at the end.

2. Get reviews and endorsements

Marketing and communication agencies with reviews or endorsement get hired more than agencies with no reviews. Take the time to ask your customers to write reviews.

3. Build a winning profile.

Customers are looking for experienced and professional marketing agencies. Your profile is where you show them that you're the right fit to get their job done. Demonstrate your expertise and credentials by showing your works and skills.

4. Don't give up!

Many agencies have doubled or even tripled the number of clients by simply responding consistently to customer requests. For a majority of agencies on Sortlist, it takes from 1 to maximum 5 tries to get their first hire. You can succeed, too – by being persistent and experimenting to see what works. Write different types of messages; ignore requests that don't seem like a good fit – learn what works for you.

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