The ultimate checklist for a good briefing.
Use this checklist to explain your project and find the right agency faster.
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A good collaboration starts with a good briefing, which requires a couple of information.

This information will allow us to understand your project and match you with relevant agencies. But it will also help agencies understand how they can help you and send you relevant propositions faster.

We've compiled all the most important information to include in your briefing in the following checklist:

Step 1 : Presenting your company

  • Short introduction explaining what your company does,

  • Your positioning on the market,

  • Your values,

  • Your vision,

  • Your mission,

  • Your clients,

  • Your short term, mid term, and long term goals.

Step 2 : Presenting your project

  • Explain the context of your project,

  • Why do you need an agency for your project,

  • What goals are you pursuing,

  • Who do you target,

  • What budget do you have in mind,

  • What deadline must be respected,

  • Which skills do you feel are necessary to make this project a success?

Step 3 : Presenting your expectations

  • Explain your expectations for your future collaboration with an agency:

    • How often do you want to meet?

    • How much do you want to be consulted?

    • What's the ideal result for your project? What would it look like?

    • Do you expect some sort of coaching after the end of the project?

    • What communication channels do you want to use?

Step 4 : Presenting your constraints

  • Explain what your technical constraints are (ex: if you need a new website, it needs to follow your current branding),

  • Explain what your functional constraints are (ex: you'll need a translation of the project in multiple languages, for your international team to be able to understand and use it).

By following this checklist, you'll make sure to have a complete briefing and a strong basis to kickstart your project.

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