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Agency Automation: 5 processes you can automate to save time
Agency Automation: 5 processes you can automate to save time

Save hours each week to focus on what matters the most.

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When you’re selling services, typically as an agency owner, your time management is crucial.

Each minute of the day matters so you can maximize your revenue and deliver qualitative work to your clients.

In 2023, you can’t afford wasting time and energy on tasks that can be easily automated.

In this article, I’ll cover 5 examples of tasks that you can automate in less than 2 hours to free up your agenda and earn more revenue.


SEO is a major growth channel for any business. You can literally position yourself on keywords your potential customers are typing on Google when they need your services.

With SEO, you get in front of your customers’ eyes, precisely when they want to work with a provider like you.

But this comes at a cost: if you want to benefit from SEO, and generate organic traffic on your website, you need to invest large amounts of money and time that you don’t necessarily have.

This changes with Sortlist’s Visibility Module, with which you can literally automate your SEO for less than 500€/month.

The Visibility Module allows you to make your agency visible on our directories, which are already ranking on relevant keywords and browsed by more than 750.000 potential customers each month.

Here’s how you can get your piece of the cake:

  • Subscribe to a Sortlist+ membership (99€/month).

  • Define a monthly budget you want to invest on your visibility (ex: 300€/month).

  • Select the directories on which you want to appear (ex: advertising, SEO, …)

That’s it! Your agency is now visible to thousands of potential clients. You don’t need to do anything else and can focus on your core business while taking advantage of SEO’s benefits.

We also take care of regularly updating our directories to match clients’ searches on Google, even if they change overtime. Furthermore, you’ll take advantage of our team’s efforts, working daily to improve our website’s performances and maintain our pages in the top results of Google.

Watch this video to get more details about the Visibility Module :

Scheduling meetings

Setting up a meeting with a client sounds like something easy to do. But it’s often not the case.

We can easily find ourselves in a situation where we have to send 5 emails to find a timing that works for both parties. We then have to send an invite email with the place or online meeting link to the client.

And that’s not it: if you or the client need to reschedule, you’ll have to go through that painful process once more.

A software like Calendly changes that. You plug your calendar to it and you get a personal calendly link that you can share to your clients. They can then book the timing that works for them, depending on your availability.

Once a client has booked a meeting, he gets an automatic invite with the place or a Google Meet / Zoom link.

If you prefer to meet your clients directly through Sortlist, you can also use our own meeting scheduling tool:

Sending reminders

There’s a lot of possible scenarios that will require you to send reminders.

One in particular is when a client hasn’t paid you for your work in time. You can waste a lot of energy managing your accounting and chasing clients owing you money.

To tackle this, and if you find yourself regularly sending out a lot of reminders, you need to set up your CRM to automatically nudge your clients for you.

The process won’t be the same depending on the CRM you use, but for example, you can set up a first reminder after 1 week, and then one reminder every couple of days until the client is in order of payment.

If you don’t know how to nudge your clients, and ask for what they owe you, ChatGPT can do the trick. You can prompt it to write various text messages for you and then use them in your reminders.

Accounting and expenses

Related to the previous point, managing an agency’s finances is a job of its own. If you’re managing it yourself, an accounting and expense system with automation features can make you gain several hours each week.

Using such a tool can also help you with receipt management, by directly categorizing receipts to corresponding charges on your financial reports.

Optimizing your internal meetings

If you want to become a more efficient agency, you need to start optimizing how you run meetings with your team.

Here are three easy steps to follow to get there:

  • Give your meetings a clear agenda and a defined timing for each point.

  • Send a pre-read document before your meetings, to make sure each participant is up to speed.

  • Define action items at the end of each meeting to make sure you get forward on your goals.

This process will help you streamline your internal meetings, save time and be more efficient in your work.

Wrap up

Today, a lot of tools are available to help you automate time consuming tasks in order to focus on the ones that bring you the most value.

In this article, I’ve covered 5 of them that you can automate in less than 2 hours. If you get down to it, you’ll see the impact immediately on your productivity and efficiency.

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