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Top 3 tools to grow in 2023
Top 3 tools to grow in 2023

And how to use them.

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You don’t need a huge toolstack to grow. Quite the contrary: you can get better results if you focus on the essentials and combine them efficiently.

In this article, I’ll share my 3 favorite tools that you can start using today to grow your firm.

Sortlist - Visibility Module

If you want to grow, you need to be visible to your potential clients. You can use multiple channels to do so:

  • Socials (Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, …)

  • SEO,

  • SEA,

  • Public Relations,

  • Etc.

But they all have the same problem: they all require your time to actually work.

You need to:

  • Create content for your socials,

  • Optimize your website to drive traffic,

  • Create ads,

  • Outreach journalists,

  • Etc.

Sortlist’s Visibility Module changes that. It allows you to make your firm visible on our directories, which are ranking on relevant keywords and browsed by thousands of potential customers.

Every month, Sortlist receives more than 750.000 organic visits. The Visibility Module allows you to get a piece of it, automatically and with no time investment needed on your end.

Here’s how it works:

  • Subscribe to a Sortlist+ membership (99€/month).

  • Define a monthly budget you want to invest on your visibility (ex: 300€/month).

  • Select the directories on which you want to appear (ex: advertising, SEO, …)

That’s it! You are now visible to thousands of potential clients. You don’t need to do anything else and can focus on your core business.

Your monthly budget (ex: 300€/month) will be used progressively, as you will pay each click your profile receives. Note that you will never be invoiced more than the monthly budget you’ve set: once it has been consumed, you will have to wait the following month to reset your budget and be visible again.

Watch this video to get more details:


No sales = no growth.

If you want to sell your services efficiently, emails are not enough. You need to pick up the phone and call your potential clients to set up a meeting.

But here’s the trick: calling is a sport.

You need to practice, analyze your performances, see what went right and what went wrong, to know what to work on in order to improve your results.

That’s what Modjo allows you to do.

With this tool, you can record all your calls and get a transcription. You can then listen to the call you just made, take the time to analyze what were the client’s objections, how you reacted, and what you can do better with the next one.

This work is crucial if you want to progress, sell more and grow.

Sortlist’s sales team has been using Modjo for quite some time now, and the results have been amazing. We’re not the only ones:

  • Swile,

  • Qonto,

  • Pennylane,

  • Etc.


Finally, if you want to use socials and have enough resources to write 2-3 posts per week, go with LinkedIn.

You can easily grow your network and get 5.000 to 10.000 impressions per post if you share content each week.

This can be an amazing growth channel for you as a provider. Not only will you build up your reputation, by being visible to a lot of potential customers and by sharing your insights, but you will also be able to raise your prices as people will see you as the number 1 expert of your niche.

However, as I mentioned, this will require time and constant effort to bring in results.

Consider blocking 1h of writing per post, and 1h to 2h per week to answer all your comments and direct messages.

If you post 3 times/week, this can lead to a 5h/week investment, so one afternoon/week.

If you have the time, go for it. Otherwise, focus on the two previous tools and you’ll already be well set.

Wrap up

You don’t need a huge toolstack to grow your firm and get new clients.

If you combine:

  • Sortlist’s Visibility Module to drive inbound demands,

  • Modjo to analyze and improve your calls and your conversion rates,

  • LinkedIn to improve your reputation and brand image,

You can easily fill up your pipeline and have a flow of projects constantly coming in.

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