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Provider Metrics: 3 metrics to track your company's health
Provider Metrics: 3 metrics to track your company's health

And how to improve them.

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What gets measured gets managed.

If you want to successfully grow, you need to keep track of multiple metrics.

I'll cover three of them in this article, and explain how to improve them in no time.

Your visibility

The number of clients you get is directly related to your visibility as a provider.

Not only do you attract more prospects through inbound, because they see your company, but you also generate more trust and have a better brand image if you regularly appear online for topics related to your expertise.

You can measure it in various ways:

  • The organic traffic you’re getting through SEO,

  • The amount of followers you have on socials,

  • The amount of impressions your LinkedIn posts are getting,

  • Your press appearances,

  • Your podcast listens or YouTube views,

  • Etc.

The more visible you are, the better. But how do you actually improve it?

Depending on the channel you want to leverage, the answer won’t be the same. But if you want to invest in SEO, the Sortlist’s Visibility Module can be your greatest ally.

SEO allows you to be visible to clients right when they are looking for your services, by typing relevant keywords on search engines.

By using our Visibility Module, you will automatically appear in our directories, which are already ranking on relevant keywords and browsed by potential customers.

Every month, Sortlist receives more than 750.000 organic visits. The Visibility Module allows you to get a piece of it in the click of a button.

We also take care of regularly updating our directories to match clients’ searches on Google, even if they change overtime. Furthermore, you’ll take advantage of our team’s efforts, working daily to improve our website’s performances and maintain our pages in the top results of Google.

Watch this video to get more details:

Your company’s income

Not only do you have to be visible, you also have to generate income. How much money you generate, save and invest, is a direct reflection of your financial health.

In order to track it, and see its evolution over time, you can use a report to measure how much you invoice each client, month by month. You can also see if your amount of clients is growing, which means more and more companies are trusting your services.

Furthermore, you should also assess the health of your cash flow to see how fast your clients are paying you. This view will help you see which clients are paying you promptly and which ones are paying you late. You’ll then be able to focus on the better ones.

To sum up, you can measure your income in 3 ways:

  • The amount you bill each client,

  • The number of clients you bill,

  • The speed with which each client is paying you.

To improve these stats, your visibility has a major role to play:

  • The more visible you are, the more clients you’ll be able to attract, and therefore to bill.

  • The more clients you bill, the more you have a choice to focus on the ones paying you promptly and therefore improving your cashflow’s health.

  • The more clients you have, the more you have the opportunity to raise your prices and bill each client more.

The Visibility Module can help you do so.

Your company’s reputation

It takes years to build a reputation but seconds to destroy it.

What your clients and your competitors say about you can make or break your company. The better the reputation, the more clients will come knocking on your door to work with you.

One way to measure it, and to make it visible, is to gather client reviews and add them on your Sortlist profile:

This will build trust and credibility, to help you sign more clients more easily.

👉 Know that you can benefit from a Sortlist profile and add client reviews to it for free.

However, in order to truly benefit from it, you’ll need to drive traffic on your profile. This will happen naturally if your prospects type your name on Google, to get more information about you:

But if you want to truly leverage your reputation, and your Sortlist profile, you might as well use the Visibility Module to appear on relevant directories.

This will make you visible to clients looking for your services, but who do not know your company yet.

Wrap up

Three metrics can help you assess your company’s health:

  • Your visibility,

  • Your income,

  • Your reputation.

Different leverages can improve them for the better, but if you want a quick win, subscribing to the Visibility Module and setting up a monthly budget is the best advice we can give you.

Watch the following video to learn how to activate your module 👇

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