Are you looking to connect with the right clients and projects for your agency? Sortlist offers a great way for agencies to showcase their work and connect with the right projects and people, all in one place. Here are five easy steps to make sure you get the most out of your experience and set yourself up for success.

1. Introduce yourself to clients in a friendly way.

Your Sortlist profile is the best way to establish a credible presence for your agency. After setting up your profile, we recommend adding 2–3 sentences on what makes your agency unique. Consider it your “elevator pitch”, as any Sortlist member, not only your connections, can message you with a service request.


  • Greet the page visitor with friendly yet professional language

  • Outline briefly your key services

  • Mention the long-term benefits of your services

  • Invite the reader to contact you directly via the contact button on your profile

2. Showcase your work by adding media.

Sometimes it can be hard to put your work into words. Let your work speak for itself by including images and videos on your page for members to see. Adding media to your page helps potential clients get an understanding of your experience and the type of work you can do. We’ve made it easy to link to material, so potential clients can learn more about your agency. When thinking about what to include, you can consider adding:

A show reel, portfolio or other examples of your work. Links to websites related to your agency. Video testimonials from prior clients

3. Build social proof reviews.

It’s always a good idea to show, and not tell, what makes your agency special. You have the ability to display reviews on your front page for top visibility. When it comes to marketing yourself as an agency, a good referral is worth gold.

You can invite past clients to leave a review of your services, and rate your particular strengths, from communication to timeliness. They can also add a written testimonial of their experience working with you, posted from their Sortlist member profile. That way, anyone who views your profile can get an idea of what it’s like working with you.

Take our top 3 tips to optimize your Sortlist profile and start making proposals today.

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