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All you need to know about Sortlist +
Welcome to Sortlist+: enjoy the latest innovations.
Welcome to Sortlist+: enjoy the latest innovations.

With Sortlist+ you will fully experience the benefits of flexibility, and control and take advantage of all that Sortlist has to offer.

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At Sortlist we aim to provide our members with the best possible service and are pleased to present to you a new and improved Sortlist platform. We highly value continuous innovation and growth, this is why the new platform is designed to provide increased fairness and scalability for our subscribers.

In order to fully benefit from the features and functionality of the new Sortlist platform, your membership plan will be upgraded to Sortlist+ at no extra cost.

Get to know the new Sortlist+

Sortlist+ is a value-based membership that will help your business grow and succeed in today's rapidly changing market. It gives you access to new visibility and opportunity modules, which will give you greater control over your investment and allow you to adapt it based on your goals and priorities.

Learn all you need to know about your upcoming upgrade here 👇

1. Sortlist+: why we improved our features and plans?

Sortlist’s vision is to create a platform that helps clients and agencies to connect, collaborate, and succeed, without any limitations or barriers. This vision is centered on providing value, control, and opportunity for all parties involved, and building strong, lasting partnerships that drive business growth and success.

As the marketing industry becomes increasingly specialized, businesses are looking for more specific expertise and services to meet their needs. We have noticed that our pricing model was geared towards "generalists" with memberships for unlimited consumption, which does not adequately address this trend.

This is why we have launched a new and improved Sortlist platform. We are introducing a new pricing model that enables you to position your firm on niche services and only pays for results. This allows you to take the time to understand your client's needs and provide solutions that truly meet those specific needs.

We have aligned our pricing more closely with the value that our agencies receive and ensure you are only paying for what you actually need and want.

2. Main benefits of Sortlist+

The new value-based pricing allows for greater flexibility and adaptability. This can be particularly beneficial in today's rapidly changing business environment, where agencies need to be able to respond to new opportunities and challenges. With Sortlist+ you will be able to adjust your investment based on your needs and priorities and only pay for the value that you receive.

Also, this new model helps us drive innovation and growth by focusing on the value that we deliver to you. This helps to foster a culture of continuous improvement, and drive long-term success.

3. What main differences you will experience with Sortlist+?

  • Greater flexibility and control: you will be able to adjust your investment based on your needs and priorities. In contrast to the legacy plan, which has fixed pricing structures, with the new model, you can be confident that you are paying only for what you actually get by setting up your maximum marketing budget.

  • Focus on what matters and take advantage of visibility & opportunities: By not being limited to certain services or areas, you can explore new possibilities and test out different development strategies. This can be particularly beneficial for all types of providers from small to medium-large agencies or/even agencies working with clients remotely, who offer niche services or have extra resources to allocate to specific market segments.

The benefits outlined will aid in the expansion and evolution of your business and establish a solid base for continued prosperity in the future.

4. When will my plan be upgraded?

Only members with Sortlist+ will be able to benefit from all the improvements and new features of our product. Your membership will be automatically upgraded 15 days after the day you have received the notification email regarding the switch. You don't have to wait until your renewal date to switch to Sortlist+.

Here are some of the benefits of switching to the new model:

  • You'll be able to experience all of the innovations and improvements to our platform without any limitations.

  • We'll translate your current plan investment into credit for our opportunity and visibility modules, giving you the flexibility to modify your investment as you see fit.

  • We're fully committed to evolving our product and services towards the new model, so you can be sure you're getting the best from us.

5. What performance can I expect when I upgrade my plan to Sortlist+?

We will be transitioning your current investment into credit for your visibility and opportunity modules. This will give you the flexibility to distribute the credits as you see fit, based on your goals and priorities.

If needed, an account manager will be available to offer suggestions on how to optimize your credit & budget allocation for maximum impact. They will possess the most current information and assist you in making informed choices that align with your business objectives.

We are excited to assist you in reaching your objectives and getting the most benefit from Sortlist. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to ensure a seamless and triumphant transition.

6. Where are we heading? Our vision

Sortlist's vision is to build great business stories. Ensuring to help as many as possible clients to meet the best partner for their needs without any limitations, and to ensure that agencies, & providers get the value they deserve on their investment.

This vision is centered on three key goals:

  1. Help clients meet the best partner without any limitations. We want to make it easy for clients to find the right business provider for their needs, without being limited by geography, industry, or other factors. This means providing clients with access to a wide range of agencies, and firms and helping them to start a collaboration in the best possible setup.

  2. Ensure that agencies get the value they deserve for their investment. Sortlist believes that agencies should be able to control their investment and get a good return on their investment (ROI). This means offering agencies flexible pricing options and tools to manage their investment, as well as providing them with the support and resources they need to succeed.

  3. Build new great business stories without any friction. Sortlist wants to help its clients and agencies to build successful, long-term relationships that lead to new business opportunities and growth. This means creating a smooth, seamless experience for both clients and agencies, and removing any obstacles or barriers that might prevent them from achieving their goals.

Overall, by facilitating the creation of new business stories, we aim to support the growth and development of the economy as a whole.

7. FAQs

1. What will happen when my plan is upgraded? Your investment will be transformed into credits

We will translate the investment of your current subscription into credits for your visibility and opportunity modules. You also have the option to increase these credits if you wish to further enhance your performance on our platform.

2. What if I don’t want to switch?

You can contact our team at any time to further explore the best solutions for you. You have the right to cancel your contract within 15 days without charge if you don't want to continue with the Sortlist+ plan. If you do not cancel your contract within this period, your account will be automatically updated to the new Sortlist+ terms.

3. Will I have to update my profile?

Your profile will be the same, and the work you have put into getting your score up won’t be lost! Of course, the importance of reviews & works will still be high, we definitely advice you to keep that information up to date to ensure maximum performance.

4. What if I want to stay on my plan?

Unfortunately, this is not an option as all of the legacy plans will be upgraded to Sortlist+ to meet all the functionalities of the brand-new Sortlist platform & algorithms. The old platform & algorithm do not exist anymore. Sortlist has no other choice than to transfer all the legacy clients into Sortlist+. Every legacy membership will be switched to Sortlist+.

5. What if I paid my plan upfront?

What is left from your remaining subscription will be transformed into credits that you can use on the visibility module and on the opportunity module. If you want to consume more you can add up extra credit packs &/or increase your budgets to your module.

6. What if I pay on a monthly, trimestrial, or semestrial basis?

Nothing changes, the invoices will stay the same. The amount paid will be used as you wish during the same time frame on visibility and opportunities.

7. What if I don’t consume everything during the time I have left?

The amount paid and transformed into credits on Sortlist+ is valid for 1 year. If you want to stop Sortlist at the end of your engagement period and did not use all your credits left, they will be lost.

8. Do I have to re-engage in 12 months?

The transition will occur for the duration of your current contract period. However, opting for a 12-month contract may offer additional benefits. We recommend discussing this option with your account manager.

9. What if I don’t want to switch?

You have 15 days from the day you receive the notification of the switch to cancel your plan. Before taking the final decision, we recommend discussing this option with your account manager.

10. How will it affect my performance?

Your performance might experience a variation depending on the target markets you set. As you have the possibility to allocate and control your budget, you will be able to try different strategies to boost your performance.

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