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How to define your opportunities preferences so that you get the most results
How to define your opportunities preferences so that you get the most results
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In order to boost your sales and attract relevant opportunities that fit your core services you can activate our Lead Generation module.

You have choices to make

The way of pricing of the Lead Generation module works is that it gives you access to:

  • A number of "Services"

  • A number of "Cities"

Learn more in our pricing page:

Define your preferences to maximize your results

For the services

  • Select the ones you're experts in - and prove it by adding a lot of works for that service. You can do so by re-ordering them.

  • Mention a starting price: the higher the more likely you will be to get the high-budget ones. But this could also drastically reduce your incoming volume, so use with caution. This value does not work as a filter: you might still receive projects below this value.

  • Add related skills.

For the cities

  • Prioritize cities in which you have an office.

ℹ️ Use the Market Insights to discover which are the most popular Services and Cities. Note that sometimes it's better to target a smaller market with less competitors. In doubt, contact your account manager.

Mention the languages you're capable of working in with clients

Some clients have specifics requirements when it comes to the languages that the agency should be able to speak. Make sure to add all of the languages that you cover.

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