The Starter plan

If you're on a free plan, you benefit from two main values:

  • Showcase your agency skills and achievement with a beautiful and easy to configure profile.

  • Collect and showcase reviews with a review widget on all your marketing assets.

Sortlist’s starter plan is perfect for agencies that want to test and explore, our marketplace (350k+ monthly businesses searching for an agency) and the agency community (40k+ agencies).

It contains a limited set of features and usage (e.g. number of opportunities you can accept) from all the other solutions:

  • With the Starter plan, you can apply to 5 qualified business opportunities.

  • You get a SEO backlink

  • Direct link to your website

  • Remove competition from your profile

  • You get access to our Slack Community (Networking, Growth Tips, Insights, etc)

  • And so much more...

Price start at 49€/month (billed annually) or 99€ (billed monthly)


What is included in the 15% commission?

  • As an agency, you’re charged a success fee based on your billings with each client. Commission fees are a percentage of what you charge to the client in the first 12-months of your collaboration (media and other direct costs excluded). Learn more here

What do you mean by 'no boost in service and locations'?

  • On Sortlist, when going for upper paid plan (basic, advanced or master) you will get a boost for some services and locations. That means being sponsored on our directories (in other words, being promoted on top). In the starter plan, you won't benefit from this boost.

How to know if this opportunity is good for me?

  • We do help you with a set of qualification criteria such as company size, service needed, budget and the timeline of the project. Moreover, our Customer Success team do verify contact information to facilitate the connection.
    Learn more on our qualification process here

How can I know if there will be other opportunities for me, I become Starter member?

What happens after you applied?

Apply to show your interest and find out who’s behind this request. When you do, here's what will happen:

  • We will introduce you and your agency to the prospect

  • You will get access to the contact details of the prospect: phone number, e-mail, LinkedIn profile.

What if I couldn't get in touch with the prospect?

  • We do our best, both in terms of artificial intelligence and human intervention, to guarantee that you only receive opportunities from prospects that are willing and ready to hire a firm just like yours. However, in case you’re unable to get any answer from the prospects within 14 days, we’ll be happy to refund your payment or extend your membership for free.

When and how can I get a refund?

  • If you’re unable, through all communication means, to get in touch with the prospect you can request a refund or membership extension. You’ll be able to do it from the email that you’ll receive a week after having applied to the opportunity.

How can I cancel the Plan?

  • You can cancel anytime. If you cancel your plan before the end of your current paid up month, your cancellation will take effect immediately. You will not be charged again and will continue to benefit during the full paid up month.

My agency had a trial with some "free" opportunities left, can I still use my remaining apply?

  • Currently, you need to get on a starter plan to be able to apply to any new opportunity. If you had some remaining credits we'll add it to your starter plan

    (e.g. if you still had 2 credits in your free plan, you’ll have 7 credits on the starter plan rather than just 5.)

The opportunity i not a good fit for us

  • Hopefully, we’ve selected you for an opportunity that you’ll be thrilled about.

    If not, you can decline it and let us know why it’s not a good fit. Declining is good because it helps us be more accurate in our selection, which is good for all parties involved. So don’t be afraid to do so and we’ll keep you posted for the next one.

Not sure if it's a good project for our agency or not

  • If you have any questions about the prospect, their company or their briefing, we’ll be happy to answer them. Reply to the email that informed you about this opportunity, and we’ll make sure to get back to you. Keep in mind that we have a refund policy in case the prospect is not getting back to you.

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