In 2022 digital is the home of buying. It’s definitely home to work. It’s the home of listening (and looking). It’s home to money, home to art, home to learning, home to falling in love…

So for those agencies who call digital home, Sortlist has teamed up with DMEXCO for a member-exclusive competition with a twist.

The digital agency campaign with most impact over the last 12 months wins an in-person prize at DMEXCO, Europe’s leading digital marketing conference.

The Prize? Deep dive into your groundbreaking digital campaign, on stage, at September’s the 20,000 attendees strong DMEXCO conference: live and in-person!

How do I enter?

  • Submit your project (It must be uploaded on Sortlist to be valid!)

  • Prove its impact (anything from sales and impressions to impact on government policy!)

From the longlist of entrants, a jury from Sortlist and DMEXCO will choose the top 10.

Then public votes decide on true impact, and the final winners of the prizes above.

All further Terms & Conditions can be found here.

You need help or have any questions related to your participation? Feel free to directly get in touch with your Sortlist contact or otherwise click below:

Why is Sortlist partnering with the DMEXCO?

DMEXCO is Europe’s largest digital economy event, and the only one to provide a dedicated agency offering.

Alongside major industry players like Google and Facebook, the focus is on levelling the playing field between big and small in a digital touchpoint with up to 20,000 eyeballs and your services to the fore.

Why is Sortlist partnering with DMEXCO? It’s clear that DMEXCO and Sortlist are both home to the most forward thinking of digital natives - with Sortlist the new wave of agency demand generation and DMEXCO the leading digital event - gone hybrid again for 2022.

Those agencies who know how to align themselves with one, are sure to thrive alongside the other: what better place to get to know digitally savvy agencies who are serious about their digital touchpoints?

How can I learn more about the DMEXCO event(s)?

Looking to learn more about how DMEXCO has added agency value by splitting up into a Digital Spring Summit and the Exposition & Conference in 2022?

Simply get in touch with DMEXCO here:

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