In our drive to offer our agencies ever more value, we’ve partnered with Europe’s largest digital marketing event, DMEXCO, to provide an offer exclusively for Sortlist members.

Who is DMEXCO?

DMEXCO is Europe’s largest digital economy event, and the only one to provide a dedicated agency offering.

As a digital agency, you know better than anyone that demand for digital processes & engagement has only increased since the pandemic.

Advantage the digital native: you.

Alongside major industry players like Google and Facebook, the focus is on levelling the playing field between big and small in a digital touchpoint with up to 40,000 eyeballs and your services to the fore.

You’ll get conference, networking, job portal and the in-depth analytics to back it all up - DMEXCO is truly the home of digital. So naturally, in taking the conference digital in 2021, the event has managed to add value to their offering, not lose it.

Learn more about that digitalisation push in our fireside chat here:

Why is DMEXCO partnering with Sortlist?

It’s clear that DMEXCO and Sortlist are both home to the most forward thinking of digital natives - with Sortlist the new wave of agency demand generation and DMEXCO the leading digital event - gone digital for 2021.

Those agencies who know how to align themselves with one, are sure to thrive alongside the other: what better place to get to know digitally savvy agencies who are serious about their digital touchpoints?

What is the offering?

Only Sortlist members will benefit from:

  • The only event of its kind with a dedicated agency offering.

  • Over €6,500 in free product value from the DMEXCO Supporting Agencies Fund.

  • Voorrang voor de presentatie van de agencies van de Sortlist op de agency podia.

  • Direct support from the DMEXCO Senior Management Team.

  • 2 or 5 free tickets for Sortlist members.

How can I learn more?

Looking to learn more about how DMEXCO has added agency value by going digital in 2021?

See the fireside chat here:

Or check the specific agency deck with its outstanding offer. And as a Sortlist member, you’ll get 2-5 extra tickets as well as the discounted DMEXCO package

Or simply get in touch with DMEXCO here:

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