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Since the creation of Sortlist, we’ve always valued your precious agency feedbacks. We have, as a result, decided it was time to give you more control on your marketing & sales needs.

Starting from May 2021, we will now offer a new pricing plan that not only gives you more flexibility but also offers 0% commission fees on all signed deals. The reason is simple: we want your agency to focus on its growth and success during its partnership with Sortlist.

I. New modules and values. We're Going Beyond Lead Generation

II. No commissions for paid members

III. Only pay for what you need. Our new plans bring you more flexibility and choice

I. We're Going Beyond Lead Generation. Let us introduce you our new modules

We're Going Beyond Lead Generation, and we've designed and developed four modules to meet your marketing and sales needs. Our four modules bring you more flexibility and choice: Branding, Visibility, Lead generation and Agency intelligence.

Let’s take a look at our new modules:

Branding – If you are looking to boost your reputation via your customer’s reviews, this module can help you achieve it. Start strengthening your brand’s online and showcasing your customer success compared to those of your competitors.

Visibility – Sortlist’s platform is your playground. If your agency needs a marketing boost, we’ll use everything we have at our disposal to promote your brand.

Lead Generation – It’s all about attracting the right opportunities and boosting your sales. This module will create more and better leads for your agency.

Agency intelligence – Stop investing valuable time in less than promising prospects. Our qualitative insights will point you only to positive conversion leads to increase your revenue. Moreover, gain insight into what's happening at the competition or in the market with all this intelligence we provide you. You'll benefit from proactive assistance and advises from our amazing team of agency success managers experts.

II. We removed the commissions for paid members





Commission fee on signed deals





As you know, 12 months ago we removed the commission fee to all our paid members till 31/12/2020.

A lot of businesses are still affected by this crisis, and are looking for room for growth in 2021.

This is why we have decided to definitely remove all commission on paid plans to support in our way the agency world 🤝

We are, more than ever, committed to “help companies better surround themselves” and “help talented agencies grow with our all-in-one marketing and sales solutions”.

Together, let’s keep on growing! Let’s keep on creating sustainable partnerships! Today more than ever: “better partners make better businesses”.

III. Our new prices bring you more flexibility and choice, so you will pay only for what you need

The modularity of Sortlist is the best way to find your perfect match at an affordable price starting from 49€/month (billed annually)

We are letting go of our previous generic/rigid/fixed pricing plans Studio+, Agency+ and Premium+ to make way for three optimized strategies: Basic+, Advanced+ and Master+.

These flexible pricing plans contain four modules that focus on driving the revenue of your agency like you never did before. These structures have been crafted to support you in the building of your brand and reputation, marketing of your agency, sales, and to better conversions.

Because you know your agency best, we want you to select, build, and mix your individual plan that fits your agency. This is what we call in French, a plan "à la Carte"

Are you ready to experiment? Learn more on your future plan, compute your new plan with new pricing calculator and get up to 10% off when you share with our team the codename: MODULAR.

Or get a demo with your agency success manager

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