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Best practices for your Sortlist leads in 2023
Best practices for your Sortlist leads in 2023

Ever wonder how a provider won THE opportunity you wanted so bad ? Dig into the secrets of performing providers members 👀

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1️⃣ Receive the right projects

  • Select the expertises you are the best at. As the volume of request often goes along with competition, be ready to explain your added value. Or select an expertise with lower competition. 

  • Understand how the algorithm works to know exactly what needs to be optimised in your profile. Your reporting dashboard helps you evaluate the opportunities you missed because of an empty profile 👇

Receiving +60% of the projects "you could have received" is a good ratio.

2️⃣ Accept the right projects

  • Accept opportunities which you really are a good fit for. Save your energy and enthusiasm by leaving opportunities you have poor arguments for. 

  • Reaching someone who doesn’t know you is hard. So give good arguments about why s-he should dedicate her/his time in meeting you.

    Example: We believe we are good candidates for your request as we have a strong background in the energy sector. Between 2001 and 2006, we were in charge of all the marketing of BRAND A and they faced an increase of market share by 20% during that time. 

3️⃣ Help the client making his choice

  • Remember the last time you had to chose between 2 restaurants you didn't know? You looked at the reviews, right? Why wouldn't you help the client chose your services the same way? You absolutely need reviews on your profile.

  • Asking the person of contact what are the next steps aligns yourself to what s-he is expecting. You earned her/his attention and set a good foundation for your potential collaboration.

Example: What makes more sense for you to do at this stage; shall we meet to get to know each other ? Or do you need extra references ?

Tip: if you have been selected for a client that wrote you a direct and personal message, you can see whether s-he expects from you a call or a meeting.

  • Don't reject a person that is not ready to hire you today. If you inspire trust and show continuous value while maintaining contact, they may hire you next year. 

Sounds too long? Here is the good news about being patient: according to Annuitas Group , a nurtured lead spends 47% more than a lead ready to buy now.

4️⃣ Adapt your proposal to the REAL needs

  • If you don't ask the client, how do you know creativity matters ? What about fastness, results, budget, flexibility ? As no one can deliver Quality on Time with Low price, simply ask the client what are the compromises s-he is ready to make to deliver the proposal that really answers the problematic.

  • The client is not ready for a compromise? Try this all-or-nothing method; give the price you ready to work for. If s-he is open to discuss, you're lucky. If s-he runs away, you've just saved your time. But this requires goodwill and honesty.

5️⃣ Follow-up like you would like to be followed-up 

  • The best time and way to follow-up a lead is what suits him/her the most. Ask when is the best time to call back, what are the selection criteria that matters, how the decision will be made, what is the best way to reach him/her...

Every person is unique. Always highlight what makes you different.

❤️ from your dedicated Sortlist Team 

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