Promoting respectful pitches has always been a priority for ACC.

Over the years, we have found an ally in the UBA and we have created pitch charters for long-term relationships, for projects and even for government pitches (with the Federal and Flemish governments).

Today, the pitch problem is not so much a client issue anymore asit is an agency issue: we don’t train our people well enough to be profoundly enthusiastic and extremely thorough at the same time when ‘they get the call’. When confronted with our simple ‘pitch hygienics’; prospects usually are very compliant. 

We know it is not easy to be the one that raises the issue, but you do need to have the guts to ask your prospect some simple and straightforward questions about the procedures. 

And you have to do it right at the beginning, because if you wait till after the first meeting or after the prospect revealed his shortlist; he will think you don’t trust him anymore or that you have lost interest in the pitch.

Spread this checklist to all colleagues that might get the call from a prospect. Ask them to have the checklist at their hand or learn it by heart and go through all 10 questions one by one.

If the prospect does not have a written briefing or presents an incomplete briefing: do him the favor of sending the UBA/ACC Briefing Template (for Advertising, Event and Content Marketing Campaigns).

If the prospect is unaware of the UBA/ACC Competition Charter, propose to forward a copy; especially if the prospect is an UBA member. 

The UBA/ACC Competition Charter for Advertising campaigns suggests a maximum of 4 agencies, including the Incumbent agency, a minimum of 4 weeks time for a strategic reco and 4 weeks for conceptual work and includes a pitch-fee recommendation of 5K for strategic reco’s and 5K for conceptual development, with exception of the Incumbent and the winning agencies.

The UBA/ACC Competition Charter for Events suggests to only ask for a financial quote if the budget is <25K and – in case the budget exceeds 25K - to go for a selection round, based on credentials, in order to retain max 3 agencies for a strategic and/or conceptual briefing.

If the prospect is not totally open with you and if you feel that insisting might harm your positionin the shortlist, please inform Johan @ACC immediately and he will check with the prospect whyhe/she has decided not to be transparant or comply with our pitch hygienic

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